Greg Thomson

Greg Thomson
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Currently studying journalism at UWS in Hamilton, Scotland. I like to write about almost anything, but my main interest is in film and id love to write for a movie magazine one day.
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Michael Mann's 1986 film, Manhunter, is often overlooked in the realm of Hannibal Lector movies. But Manhunter is so much more than a showcase for one of the most menacing characters in modern cinema.
This is a little rant of my own on a subject quite close to home
A little review of the 2005 movie, Brick, starring Joseph Gordon Levitt.
An essay on the increase of celebrity coverage in todays media and the decline of real journalism.
A short preview of the spanish time travel thriller Timecrimes (Los Crono crimenes)
There will always be a debate as to who is the best actor in the world - Robert De Niro or Al Pacino. Here I discuss why Robert De Niro is overrated
Can you define what news really is? Is it simply a case of whatever is in the paper is accepted as news? Is'nt it funny how the exact amount of news in the world fits perfectly into the paper? Galtung and Ruge were two academics who set about trying to define what made news newsworthy...
A reflective piece on why young people are finding it hard to motivate themselves to go out and work, and the pitfalls that they have to avoid in todays society.
Little known Britsh actor set to play web-slinging superhero in hollywood revamp.
The big Arnie zinger, just as cheesy as the clothes and hair of the 80's, but just as powerful now as it was back then.
Clint Eastwood teams up with two gunslingers in an attempt to find a stash of gold coins, however trust doesnt come easy to these outlaws and the movie that unfolds is now considered the most influential western ever made. The third film in Sergio Leone's Dollars trilogy, it is widely...
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