Angeles Mizilla

Angeles Mizilla
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I am a single 34 year old woman. I work as a Case Aide with a Children Services agency in Ohio. I love photography, animals, reading, music, food and family. I primarily write from life experience.
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More from my 2002 collection A Little Bit Mizilla
Compilation of Poetry up to 2002. Life, dreams and matters of the spirit
More poetry compiled from 2002 and before Poems from the heart.
More Poetry from the 2002 Compilation Heart, soul, hope, dream
Five more poems from a 2002 collection of my works to date Poetry of emotions, from my heart and soul.
Compilation from 2002-2004 PART ONE (of Seven) Five poems by Angeles Mizilla
Self expression is sometimes murdered when someone we value says we are doing it wrong. Makes us stop and re-evaluate our process Sometimes it hurts us to our very depths and we shutter to think we might not be good enough....
Poem in anticipation of a horrible fate. Luckily, the cancer screens were negative.
A poem, observing how I like to spend my summer days, kicking back in the shade, or tucked away in the air conditioning. Doing next to nothing, enjoying the sunshine.
The meaning of BEST FRIENDS to me means accept one another through thick and thin, good and bad. Supporting one another through it all. Apparently as time has gone on, the meaning has been diluted and we never really know who is or will be there for us to the end. This is one story of...
The natural defense systems within us, come on at an early age. Here is my witness of a child building walls to protect her tender heart.
The stories of children and abuse against them, never cease to break my heart. There is no one particular child who comes in to my mind in this poem, but it is a total representation of as I see each child. I am a protective type.
How does one stay content in a coupling that occurs but once in a while? Endurance, only at the sheer fulfillment in such times, that there is allowance of life to make it happen...
In 1968-1969, My father served as a canoneer in Vietnam. In August of 1969, He came home, met and married my mother, raised a family. A family rocked through and through at the devastation of his illness...
We often live our lives in hiding. Never letting the world see what we are enduring. This is a poem about smiling for the world so others never know the pain inside.
We all change and morph and become something new. This poem is about looking into ourselves and believing in the beauty life might have left in store...
Poem in grief nearly a year after my father passed away. Trying to figure out if I am to move on, or keep grieving, not certain of or ready for either one...
I had the honor of spending the last few months of my fathers life by his side. We made many beautiful memories. This last nearly two years of life without him has been difficult. Here is a poem written about a year after his death. Raw emotion.
A strong and vital soul, I was a butterfly. I drew so many people into a circle of trust, and was the strength for them all. Then when I fell, my heart broken, one of the few who I trusted most turned her back on me. She later said it was because How do you trust your self or anything...
Losing ones self in grief after a lost love. It's a hell of a journey that savages the soul, lost love. It's an interesting excerpt I found here, journaled years ago. I've come a long way since then, or have I? ;)
Dedicated to a man named Ed. A man who held my heart in his hands, spurred on the flames deep in my soul then left, without so much as a goodbye....
Broken spirited poetic style ramblings. Note that this was written 8 years ago, during a deep depression. I am still alive and well....
This poem is full of white hot, honest grief... behind it, loss of a parent, loss of a life as I knew it... Loss of hope of fertility.. and SO MUCH MORE
It seems in life, we are losing one person place or thing after another that we value as a part of who we are... sometimes we need to find our way to believe there is good left in the universe worth going through the pain of loss all over again..
I work for Children Services. I see a lot of bad things. The worst pain I have endured in my job is watching a child who was loved and well taken care of by a parent get taken permanently away from him or her... Because the parent was ill, or unable or unavailable for one reason or a...
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