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If we don't become more pro-active and take the necessary steps to protect ourselves from toxins and chemicals in everything from cosmetics to water and food, including toxins in our environment, then we will continue in essence, cheering on the powerful to continue killing us off....
The conditioning of the masses gives the wealthiest power brokers a feeding line to our taxes. Wallstreet and Pharma are monolithic beasts feeding on a vulnerable host, not unlike how a cancer takes over the entire human system and destroys it. It's time to attack both and bring the...
While we think everything is well with America, there are powers that be who are eating away our lands and resources, using and damaging our pristine wilderness. Fauna and flora are fair game in the name of profit and so are the lives of anyone who dares stand in the way.
It is obvious that our very lives are being shaped by a few of those in Washington who continue to encourage corporate lobbyists into every decision making process in Washington
The choice is yours and it's not all about your genes, you can turn your health around by being intensely proactive.
Allergies to wheat based foods can be devastating to some people. A large percentage of the people affected by this type of allergy will never know that their problems are in any way associated to wheat. I hope this article helps someone
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