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Garden Nut
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Avid gardener, specializing in unusual and tropical blooms and their organic care and propagation.
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Although indoor plants are susceptible to pests and disease in much the same way as outdoor plants, their decline can often be attributed to a single factor and action, too much water. In fact, over-watering is the number one cause of houseplant demise.
Many mid-summer blooms fall by the wayside at this time of year. For continued beauty in the garden, add new specimens now that will bloom until frost arrives.
While those annuals and perennials are in bloom (or just finishing or starting), this is a great time to take note of your plant material and think of what you want to grow next year!
Many flowering plants which are planted from bulbs, corms and tubers will cease flowering if their growing area becomes too crowded. Simple division allows blooms to return and produces new plants for your landscape!
July is Smart Irrigation Month; making this a good time to discuss the irrigation of our gardens and flowerbeds. As it is an exceedingly hot summer with temperatures in many places above normal, watering techniques may be somewhat different than those to which we have become accustome...
Many summer blooming flowers are commonly named lilies, even though they are not of the genus Lilium. One such fragrant beauty is the Surprise lily, sometimes referred to as the Naked Lady.
The easy and free creation of new plants for your garden can be as simple as a snip. Multiply existing plants to add to your landscape or to share with gardening friends.
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