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Positive, realistic, My area is mainly poetry.Like to think that my poetry generates some food for thought, and some inspiration.I like to walk, read, think and enjoy the beauty in others as well as that of the surroundings. I work in the Health Industry.
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This is about someone who has been a mentor and friend
Yes no matter the state there is that preparation for a future
Winning is very good to have that winning, but sometimes this can be a problem,
How often in our live we confuse listening with hearing
There is one thing no matter out status, acquisition or profession makes all equal
The feeling of being boxed in when one can still make a contribution
Yes it is such a wonderful when we take time out to recharge
Yes sometimes a place is dear to the heart but circumstances can cause that change
Yes in ours and doings we are responsible for that direction taken
Yes a people we are certainly terrified when we make a mistake
Yes there is no doubt that this invention has really caught the attention of many
Life and living are fraught with changes and challenges so too many variable
This task and its responsibilities can sometime be thrust on you
Yes we are paying a terrible price for our misconception of a better quality life
Yes that job of being a father can be a challenge, testing and also rewarding
Yes it is had to convince people to change after they were enjoying a particular lifestyle
We should take those experiences from the past to chart the path for the future
Yes how wonderful it is to see the wonders of a day
How no matter how long she is gone those memories still live on
There was the era when discipline was the order of the day
There is always such bond between mother and child that endures many tests
There is not doubt that this person is always there despite the odds
A force so strong co compelling that hits anyone anytime at will
One can see what are occurring in the schools and some not pleasant
What a things all of us here have different expectation and thought about life
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