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I love to write.
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The Color Wheel is a publication about many subjects. It is a color circle of articles.
The InkPost has moved to Medium with several publications within it. It's a lot easier when you have people helping you and allowing you to use some of their content.
This is a page introducing my passion about a blog I started called the InkPost. I think about great newspapers like LA and NewYork Times. I could never pursue what I wanted to write in them. It is good to have something to write and share of your very own. It is good to have that fre...
Does your disk act funny? There may be disk errors. Do your disk space look incorrect? Try Advanced SystemCare.
What would it be like to try a different computer operating system?
Ledface is like a social network where you help build intelligence.
First, you think it's your Internet Explore. The second thing you do is try another browser.
When it comes to promotions, sometimes I have my own ideas. Sometimes getting visitors is easy and sometimes it's not so easy.
When it comes to writing, it is not hard, but it can be too much to bare when you are writing all over the place. It is an experience.
The LA Times is a perfect example for Bloggers. Bloggers want to have plenty of content and keep their readers coming back like the LA Times.
There are a lot of Internet gimmicks out there. They tell you that you can make thousands of dollars uploading your work to their sites. You can not always trust them.
If you have blogs at Blogger, you really have your own blog directory. When you visit sites like Technorati, you will see a blog directory broken down into categories.
Teleblog is a blog about TV series. Nikita, Cape, and the Legend of Bruce Lee are all TV series that inspired me to make my blog I named Teleblog.
There are many programs that I have installed and uninstalled. I hate toolbars the most. Just when you think you have gotten rid of them, they are still installed on your computer. Try Revo Uninstaller for your computer.
If you have a smartphone, it may have a remote control program. You can use the program to control Media Center
When you think of Twitter, you might be thinking of micro-blogging. The list could go on and on about what you could use Twitter for.
It seems that books are going out of style with everything going digital. As I browse the internet, I see that books are not totally out of the making.
Ad Toons is a site that I am working on of my own. I love art and links.
Today, I feel inspired and can feel something spiritually about the two of them. I believe that if they are with Christ, they are not dead.
Remember Lego Toys? At, you can find Lego Animations.
Adobe Flash Player never works for me so suddenly. That makes me leave Internet Explorer.
There is one struggle that I have with Blogging. I blog too many places.
It is said that Facebook is at the top. I think Google could be at the top over Facebook in many ways. One way is Blogger.
Spreadsheet Report is a blog about my progress online making a few cents with Google, writing programs, and link programs.
Google has many windows to look into. There is so much to Google.
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