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I'm a 23 year old from the Philippines. I loving exploring new things especially writing. I am a nice open-minded person. I believe that "what you get is what you see."
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Defense mechanism is defined as the behavior of a person manifest to cope the uncomfortable situations affecting his emotions.
These are some tips for a healthy lifestyle and to stop smoking.
Substances such as benzopyrene, a known cancer-causing agent; carbon-monoxide and ammonia are hazardous to human health. These are some disease that can be developed due to smoking:
Treatment of bronchitis due to a pure viral infection is directed toward the relief of symptoms. But frequent, secondary infections by bacteria complicate the condition.
It is easy to say that you want to slim down and tone up, but working on it is not.
It is the least contagious of all the communicable disease. It is not highly transmittable and not disabling with early and proper medications.
Drinking alcohol is a central activity in our society, although the use of alcohol is avoided if it is against religion or ethnic tradition.
Let us have a trip inside our body and see what happens to our organs when alcohol is taken into the system.
If arthritis is diagnosed in time, anti-inflammatory medicines can be useful to control the swelling and the relief the pain.
There are ways to minimize stress on ourselves. Here are some recommendations.
It was observed that influenza epidemics characterized by cough and fever occurred more frequently at certain times of the year.
It is best to ask your doctor about the ways to promote a safe pregnancy in which it is to fulfill the real essence of a woman’s life.
As reported by the World Health Organization, the three leading causes of death in this era are cancer, heart disease, and circulatory diseases.
Medical research made on animal has shown that severe stress damages the internal organs. Their research revealed that the links between mind and body, and illness affects human health.
Most people get better without treatment within 5-10 days. But it is critical to mostly children if untreated.
Here are some tips for a safety use of your drugs.
It is important to know whether taking or drinking coffee or any beverages containing caffeine is beneficial to our health.
Good decision-making skill can help you reach your full health potential
Mental disorder is a psychological or behavior pattern that brings distress and disability.
These are the lists of recommended food to minimize risk of having diseases.
Diabetes is a condition that is common to people that affects the way your body uses food for energy.
“Water is essential in life,” a though that is for real not only as what we see around us but for ourselves. As we all know that Earth is made up of a high percentage of water than land, the Human body also simplify that definition
Whether or not having abortion is morally correct is not the issue here. The choice is all yours on what you decide.
Hansen’s disease, most commonly known as leprosy is a disease common to us, even written in the bible (one of the oldest disease of mankind).
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