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i like creative writing , i like music reading books ,friends ..
I am a graduate and love writing..
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this is a poem about a homeless guy who finds help and then carries on
jokes in general about different thingd, some funny some not so funny
this a poem about spending time together though sometimes we lose the point but still as friends we spend the day laughing
this a poem about friendship , sharing and spending time with each other
this poem is about understanding the faults and the near misses of friendship ,love etc.
poem is about thinking and introspection and then becoming better
this poem is about time and how man finds his space in the vast world where we all live
these a are a few jokes in general they are humerous with one or two alittle difficult to laugh at
jobs and how money and work bind us.working for money but at the same time spending it wishing for more which doesnt arrive
this is a poem about jobs, how we work hard in the beginning and then lose interest
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