J.A. Fludd

J.A. Fludd
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J.A. Fludd is a writer and artist in upstate New York specializing in comics and science fiction, and interested in entertainment and mass popular culture in general.
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Recent pages by J.A. Fludd

Observing the 50th Annivesary of one of television classics and one of TV science fiction's greatest achievements, The Outer Limits.
The movie Man of Steel is reviewed in the context of the film itself, the medium of comic books, and its significance in terms of the portrayal of super-heroes.
The movie Star Trek Into Darkness is reviewed, with additional notes on the present state and possible future of Star Trek.
In anticipation of the release of Star Trek Into Darkness, a look back at the last Star Trek film and the present creative state of the Star Trek franchise: where Trek is now and where it needs to go, and what makes something truly "Star Trek".
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