The Bookman

The Bookman
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Over 40 years buying, selling, reviewing books. Worked for Newspapers, publishing companies, printing houses.
MANY differing interests, as will be covered here.
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Recent pages by The Bookman

Real-life memory of the Cuban Missile Crisis, 1962.
As the road unwinds in front of me, unknown............
Short memory of caring for My Mother till her death.
Make a Corner Loft Bed, save money, save room, enjoy your creation!
Most of us have never had to really live off the grid. In the US outside of a few who have had regional emergencies, many have never really seen a DARK night.
Tonight Alice's Restaurant plays again on the 'THIS' network, bringing many memories and emotions to the surface.
Not every fist thrown in anger is unappreciated. Psychosis takes many forms, and sadly, in both genders.
One must be careful what one asks for.... a story of racial dining.
when you kill the cable you'll watch things you never would have before!
The moon rules the night, rules our emotions, masters memory.
Memories come from the strangest places. A trip to the hardware store brought this one back.
there are things observed that are often not comment on.
In the pantheon of troublemaking writers Harry Crews stands out as the thinking readers specialist.
A thought piece for those wanting religion in the schools.
a poem of hope and thought in the darkness of night!
the noise a home makes. and its lack as things are disconnected.
First time authors often don't succeed, then there is Bill.
A description of a section of my life, now passed. All it took was muscle.
the third book in Bova's ongoing pre-history of MARS!
We thought we were doing a good deed. Little did we know that no good deed goes unpunished!
Ever have trouble on the phone with an officious ass?
When you are in Apalachicola you need to EAT! Review of THE APALACHICOLA SEAFOOD GRILL
A manual for the aging body, a treatise on aging minds?
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