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I'm a Colorado native that moved to TX & OK but came back to CO to raise my daughter. I love the Lord, my family, horses, dogs, watching elk out my kitchen window, & writing about all of my loves.
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Simple steps to a happy and rewarding marriage and life.
This post is my personal experience with an All Natural Alternative to medicine and how it helped me become pain free and got me so I don't have to carry Nitro for my heart any more!
The post talks about how horses teach so many things about ourselves, about others, and about life. It tells about how horses taught me about live and how they helped my mom deal with her fears.
This is a personal experience I had when one of the cows died in a small herd of cattle we had in a pasture near my home. It was incredible to watch the scene unfold and the respect shown the old leader of their herd.
Story about how the Lord answered my pray for support, comfort, and help in a simple phone call.
Having lost my handy man, I try to do my own 'fix-it' work and God has helped to keep me safe.
The freezer was full of rotting, spoiled meat in the middle of bear country. Knowing it was a dangerous scenario, I cried out to God for help...and God helped me do the impossible.
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