M. K. Albus

M. K. Albus
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M. K. Albus is a freelance writer, editor and publisher who writes both opinion columns and informative non-fiction articles on food, environment and sustainability.
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Recent pages by M. K. Albus

Most people think that anti-war protests were something exclusive to the 1960's but one of the first anti-war protests occurred in the 1950's near Omaha, Nebraska.
Keeping ferrets as pets seems to be a relatively new fad but they have actually been domesticated for a long time. Here is a brief summary of that history.
When you are snacking your dog can smell it and will come in hopes of a hand-out. If you are snacking on nuts, though, you need to read this important information before sharing with your dog.
People all over the world love Thai cuisine but not everyone knows the customs associated with Thai food. There is a proper way to eat it....
If you have published a book and are planning book signings, there are ways to use radio to promote your book signings for free. It is easier than you think.
If you have never eaten Kale you might want to consider some of the points I make in this article.
Roses have a place in our garden and they are given as gifts but did you know that roses also have a place in our kitchen. Do you ever cook with roses?
Do the thoughts running through our head while we cook impact the food we are cooking in any way? Is that too weird? Or is there a subtle connection?
What does Christopher Columbus have to do with the culinary spice, paprika? Commonly used in Hungarian and middle European cooking, Paprika has a long and colorful history and is used in many other places. Let me fill you in on some fun facts and history of this tasty spice.
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