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I am a lawyer who is fond of riding and active sports
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India has strong relations with Tibet and this irks the Chinese who are killing and raping the Tibet people. They are scared to allow an Indian consulate in Tibet
At one time onle 3 models of cars were manufactured in India and one of them was the Standard Herald. It is now obselete and is part of Indian auto history
The Cobra is adeadly snake and a human cannot survive a bite by it. My servant girl was bitten by a cobra with dire results
Snakes abound in India and at one time snake charmers were used to trap snakes. They are now a dying breed
Bapsi Sidhwa a Pakistani writer has recreated a lovely story of Pakistan and the shattering of a young girls dreams.
The movie "300, Rise of an Empire" is a block buster and show cases a woman admiral in the navy of the Persian king Xersis
Islamic law is weighted in favour of man and needs change. The world led by USA must act
Indiscriminate killings are going in USA. the victims are innocent Americans. Thsi problem needs attention
I ride horses regularly, but last Sunday my horse was ina surly mood but I tamed him
Kabir Bedi is a star from India, who had a degree of success in the West in both Hollywood and TV serials
The Tower of Silence is the place where the Parsi ( followers of Zoroaster) leave their dead to be eaten by vultures. Now it is observed that there is a shortage of vultures and the community is alarmed.
Rudyard Kipling is a writer who spent a fair amount of time in India. He was howeverv a imperialist and made some silly comments that haunt the English even now
Tibet is occupied by China and it is hell bent on destroying Tibet culture. One aspect is the defilement of Nuns who form a part of Tibet Buddhism.
Karna was killed by a ruse in the battle of Kurukshetra as related in the Mahabharta. The killing evokes strong emotions and one wonders what was the motive of Lord Krishna
Casting couch is prevalent all over teh world and teh genesis is that women are desired and many want to rise up at any cost.
China is a nation that is not scared of Muslim reactions as they have banned Ramadan fasting and Burka for all citizens. The Muslim world so vocal otherwise is like a damp cat when it comes to China
Pakistan Air Force has inducted a woman as a fighter pilot, which is a first ina Muslim country.
The Sinhalese are basically Aryans and are buddhists. Both commodities originated from India and teh connection between the two is strong.
Mohamedali Jinnah was a secularist and had said all religions will be treated equally in Pakistan. It' s a matter of great joy that the local Jirga has gota closed 73 year old Gurudwara opened in NW Pakistan
Beheading is a medieval punishment but is out of tune now with modern times, yet it find a place in the law books of Saudi Arabia
Baji Rao laid the foundation of the Hindu empire after Aurangzeb's death in 1707 and along with his warrior like qualities history records his great love for a Muslim girl named Mastani.
Muslim women are not only to be covered from head to toe, but also denied basic rights. Its like living in a cage.
There is a wave o Muslims migrating to Europe for a better future. It looks sad and pitiable, but the end result will be disastrous.
The Dubai gold bazaar called gold souk is world famous and tourists throng to the place
Maharajah Dalip Singh was a tragic figure and died in 1893. Ranjit Singh dynasty thus ceased to exist
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