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Middle-aged spinster, youngest of 6 kids. Recently lost my job and have now started in a new direction, firstly to get to know myself and thats where the writing comes in. No quite sure what direction it will take.
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Staring out the window, I realise all I do is dream
The High Lord, last book in the trilogy, reveals the truth about Akkarin’s arduous journey and his encounter with the Ichani (Sachakan outcast magicians) and their hatred for the Guild, Sonea’s further embroilment into his nightly adventures and Cery’s commission to uncover the ...
In the Novice, second book in the trilogy, the story continues to unfold around Sonea and the Guild magicians, from Sonea being bullied by her fellow classmates to becoming the ward of the High Lord, Lord Akkarin and Lord Dannyl’s escapades as Guild Ambassador to the allied land Ely...
The Magicians’ Guild, first in the trilogy, introduces us to the likable peasant heroine, Sonea and the events that shape her life and leads to her entering the Magicians’ Guild, usually only available to the offspring of the High Born families of the Houses, when she realizes th...
Taking a look at an affiliate program with infinite possibilities and a huge promise. Does the site information portray the true essence of the program? Perhaps it’s a little misleading for those seeking thousands at no costs. Read the rest to see why.
My weight-loss experience with “Simply Slim”. Not just another diet pill.
Experiencing life with a new jack russell terrier puppy
I wake up in the morning with the sound of vuvuzelas ringing in my ears. The vuvuzelas can be heard daily as the the South African soccer fans blow their vuvuzelas in an effort to create the authentic South African soccer experience during the world cup soccer tournament.
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