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Born in Caracas, Venezuela, May 17, 1957.
Studied and graduated at Columbia College(Los Angeles, CA) Bachelor of Arts Degree.Love music, writing poetry and short stories, Dragons, Spirituality
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Seeking enlightenment has been an olden task for me. I´ve tried many different approaches, but I´ve never given up. Writing down what I go through and what I´ve gone through, helps me focus. I use poetry and prose that way quite often, and it is real, no postures whatsoever...
A prose that bespeaks of the essence of poetry, writers, having faith in one´s work, how influential poetry can be
A poem that describes the pain caused by absence of the beloved
A sincere pledge of love from a Champion to his Queen
A poetic pledge of Love between a Dragon and a Mermaid at the azure waters of the Mediterranean Sea, off the coasts of Greece´s Parthenon
Domestic Violence is a coward´s weapon. A puny and ill-intent of showing power and dominance which is NEVER justified. This poem is a dedication to those victims.
A poem based on a picture prompt(Picture provided)
I would not attempt to present this article as the perfect guide for international relationships, but from my very own experience I would try to shed some light on the subject and hopefully provide you with some basics.
The Letters of Princess Sayaka continue with this second delivery, as she strips herself bare through her confessions.
The Letters of Princess Sayaka is a series of four letters that an Oriental Princess write to a secret lover. It is written from the standpoint of a woman, condition that make these writing quite difficult. I hope you enjoy them as they come out!
This is an imaginary situation were I place the Almighty as a celebrity. The purpose is clear: To convey his message in a relaxed, joyful and gracious manner. I am a true believer, and this writing does not pretend in any way to offend, mock or defy anybody`s creed. I hope it is take...
Having firsthand experience qualifies you to elaborate on a subject more accurately. Why? Because you have suffered the pain and the ecstasy, you have ached, cried, laughed and enjoyed in your own skin.
This is an entry of Mort Soulreaper´s diary. He is the immortal guardian. He is Death. This is his story in his own words
This prose poetry has a genuine feeling of what I´ve lived through and how after so many years of strife, I have caught a glimpse of what The Light is. A proof that it is never late and that you are never too old to learn. Everything is in your Choice(I think I´m gonna apply for a p...
True wealth is never permanent if you forget key attitudes in your life. Gratitude is one of them. Read how you can make gratefulness work to attain true, permanent wealth.
Visualization is a very useful technique that can and will help you, if properly implemented, anchor other mind enhancing techniques, law of attraction(effectively), reinforce subliminal and triliminal programming. Take a peek. It will not hurt!
A poem where a poet describes how he lost his muse and what he did
My dearest Brothers and Sisters... Here I present you with a slightly different type of love poem, sort of lyrical and sensuous at the same time. I have refrained myself from publishing sensual poems for our obvious diversity of readers and age ranges, but I guess I should start label...
The very life and soul to create the world you want for yourself rest in the power of the thought and the word, It isn´t anything new. It has been around for thousand of years, even before the biblical times of the Christ. Hermes spoke about it in The Kybalion and in the letters he l...
Stories always have a way of teaching lessons in a sweet, beautiful and sometimes painful manner. They leave the reader pondering and trying to figure out what the lesson was about. Not only children learn that way, adults could learn even more if they´d only released their inner chi...
I`ve always been fascinated by a moment of union and total bliss among human beings, where race is: mankind; regardless of sub-races, culture, customs, habits, skin color or status quo. When I write poetry, I consider a lot this inner desire I have. Even though I`ve written a lot of ...
Muted screams before the blast bleeding memories mark the past venomous prayers bearing shame teardrops leeches are to blame enmity risen from long ago then a friend and now a foe siblings vanished in disgrace decimating all our race higher laws collect the dues breaking the surprisin...
There are no limits to what poetry can express and there are moments when a person needs to wash away the suffering by draining his ailment under a torrent of rain…If I cannot free myself from a love pang before it suffocates my heart, How can I draw a smile on my face and think ago...
Understand that good things do take time and success belongs to the persevering souls. Before I get deeper into the subject, I´d like to converse with you and give you the reasons why you should try earnestly before giving up. I suppose you have tried every possible formula to find s...
One of the facets I have not shown often is my love for music and how much music inspires my soul. I met Magdalen Graal through a website for new musical talents. We became virtual friends and I started listening to her music proposal, which inspired me beyond words.
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