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I have recently swapped an urban life for a rural one, leaving me more time to do what I enjoy most: to write, and hopefully inspire.
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Autumn is the time when you can start foraging for rose hips and prepare them for drying to use throughout the year for a scrumptious tea that will benefit your health too.
With winter fast approaching and its imminent colds and flu looming, make sure you’ve got a bottle of elderberry syrup to ward off any viruses.
We’ve all heard about the black cabs and the London Underground but there are other, often better and cheaper, ways of exploring the city.
Tomato ketchup is something in our kitchen that we take it for granted without even thinking we could actually make our own. This recipe will have you ditching shop bought ketchup for a much tastier alternative.
The infamous black cab in London can whisk you around the city in style but for the low cost options of transport buy yourself one of the travel cards below.
Travelling in Britain is renowned for being astronomically expensive but with a few inside tips before you leave your home, you could well be saving yourself enough money to have a night out when you get to your destination.
London isn’t all about fine wine and dining. If you know where to look, you can still eat out for less than a fiver or a tenner, if you really feel like splashing out.
Having mint plants in your home is one of the most useful plants you can look after. It benefits the home, body and even pets and pests and has been used in traditional medicine for generations.
If you want to grab a bargain in London then you’ll need to know the best way to find the places with great deals.
Honey, a present from our friends the bees, is rich in natural nutrients and has been be used in a wealth of ways for thousands of years to keep you healthy and happy. Think Cleopatra with her milk and honey baths!
London has so much to offer for the tourist but visiting places can soon add up in the pocket. However, there is a wealth of attractions in the city that won’t break the bank and will entertain you at the same time.
One of the brilliant things about making a liqueur as opposed to wine is that you don’t have to wait so long to sample it! Peach liqueur is simple to make and such an enjoyable drink to impress your guests. It has the added bonus of either warming you up in the cold weather or ref...
Having made perfume from rose petals last spring, my daughter and I decided to make a jam from the remainder of the petals. Many varieties of roses are edible and can be used in different forms in the kitchen and this simple recipe is just one of them.
The thud of unwanted mail landing on your doorstep everyday is enough to send anyone to the recycling bin. Maybe you’ve won sapphire diamond or needing your home double-glazed? Credit cards, European lotteries, magazine subscriptions all want you to sign your name to their brands. ...
If you do anything on a visit to London, it must be to visit one of its markets. You’ll not only likely to pick up a bargain, but they offer the opportunity to immerse yourself in the local atmosphere. The choice of market extends to everyone’s taste: Columbia Market for flowers...
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