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kin 185: Red Electric Serpent
I Activate in order to Survive
Bonding Instinct
I seal the Store of Life Force
With the Electric tone of Service
I am guided by the power of Universal Water
This is the standing of MAnature in our community - the further right, the more of a Wikinut they are!

Recent pages by MAnature

Sitting in my garden these thoughts came and this is what followed.....a poem? Well sort of......
This was a vision I had experienced while in the middle (well, nearer the end, actually) of making love with my husband. This vision had real meaning in our relationship.
A look at a soul's sovereign right to choose to be here or not and the recent passing of Dr. Kevorkian, champion of this right.
Poems about and techniques for the raising of your vibrational frequency and releasing your fears.
A poem to relieve some tension from the heart of MAnature.
A reflection of life, human,and spiritual evolvement. More short poems...
Here are some poems about dragons, roses and the meaning of life.
Here are some poems of LOVE and LIFE and the end of the world.
Here is some more poems from the heart of MAnature.
These are two poems of my heart...I am loving this new type :) of sharing!
This is a recall of a dream I had five years ago. I had a feeling in a recent meditation that it is my duty to share this dream now.
This poem is a meditation that I experienced while in nature in the Beautiful state of Oregon,USA.
This is a poem sharing my experience living in the desert with the mountains literally across the way. The differences and the similarities of both landscapes and the way they touch my soul.
This is a poem about the Life Force of Water. The effect that it has on your body,mind,and spirit. This poem also touches on the connectedness of all and the One.
A short, but to the point, poem regarding the choices we to make in this life.
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