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I'm a writer. I'm good at writing. I'm writing for money. And I'm providing you a lot of information.
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Once there was an Emperor who was very interested in clothes. He was always buying new outfits and he would spend hours chat­ting to tailors and weavers of cloth about which colors suited him best and which cloth was better for coats and which for trousers
Once upon a time, in a mighty kingdom, there lived a soldier called Mark. Mark was a brave man and had risked his life a thousand times on the field of battle in defence of his king.
To cool the inside of a fridge you have to extract the heat. This is done by using a liquid which has a low boiling point.
Shah Jahan, who reigned from 1628 to 1666, belonged to the Mughal dynasty, and his court was famous for its artists, especially painters.
The early spacecraft which took people into orbit were very small and cramped. An astronaut could hardly sneeze without bumping into something. The American Skylab, launched in 1973, was entirely different. Made from an unwanted Saturn-rocket body, it mea­sured 26 m (85 ft) in length...
Most geologists (scientists who study how the Earth was made) agree that hundreds of millions of years ago, the continents were joined together. Many geological clues support this idea. For example, on the east coast of South America there is a belt of ancient rocks which matches the ...
When the first manned satellites went into space in the early 1960s, many people felt that the wildest dreams of science-fiction writers were coming true. It was only about 50 years earlier that the first aeroplanes had flown. What amazing progress had been made in half a century!
The aim of Buddhism is to gain nirvana, a state of enlightenment gained through the extinction of all desires.
Niagara Falls, between Canada and the USA, is only the fourth largest waterfall in the world, though probably the most famous. The largest fall is the Stanley Falls on the Zaire River.
A high shutter speed is needed to 'stop' fast-moving subjects, but high-speed film must be used to achieve a good result.
When you turn on a light switch in the house, a light comes on. The bulb lights up because it is connected to an electric current. What is it?
Do you think you can eat breakfast twice a day? Check this out to have breakfast twice a day...
Pandas' number is going down...We gotta Save them...Come on, Join our hands for a better future for Pandas'
What do you think if the Sun stops shining? Read it out...
This Page tells you all about modern space news, and technology informations
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