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Poetry and Short Story. Expression of raw emotion through real life experience.
A need to put words to trials and tribulations.
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Mo Gra' Go Deo! When you find you're forever half!!
For someone i love more than these mere words can illustrate. In hope she can feel what i see every moment of everyday i'm with her.
When you meet that woman whom sets you're heart a blaze with passion!
The Balance between thought, love and shadow. Tightrope balance needed
When you meet that one person and they're name alone moves you.
Part 6 of Ghost Princess Shannah please enjoy more is along the way!
Part 5 of the ghost princess short stories please enjoy!
A romantic autumn night when everything falls into place just right.
4th part of the ghost princess story please enjoy!
The third part of the ghost princess adventure let the journey begin!
Part two of Ghost Princess Shannah let the adventure begin!
Part one of a short story I've written for a friend for fun. Enjoy?
When past heartbreak begins to fade because of present beauty.
To someone who has become family. My sister from another mister this is for you.
The aftermath of extreme pain and heartbreak..a way to cope and be strong.
When you fall madly in love and must let them go...for they're happiness means the world.
When you fall hopelessly in love to learn sheer pain comes with such things.
A short poem inspired by a princess of true beauty! Written by a beast.
Feeling uncertain, trying to decipher the battle between a mind and the heart.
The rebirth through pain, that one pain that hurts more than any other.
When you pour your heart out and the words are lost in translation.
When you've absolutely fallen for that someone...and complicated obstacles arise.
To those woman who have a "list" to find the perfect man instead of looking with the heart.
An Ode to a very dear friend. Might peace be with you.
To complete one's self. That battle of love and war in the soul.
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