Maurice G

Maurice G
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I am retired, have worked in the leisure industry for abpout 40 tears, I am married with 2 grown up biproducts.
In this trade I have met peoples from all over the world !
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Recent pages by Maurice G

short poem about angels eyes in the heavens,that down at us 24/7.. look up on a dark night and think !
a short poem for my wife who has stuck by me through thick and thin,she deserves more than this and wish i could give her more.
just another short poem about being alone on a hill and taking in the surroundings. This one appeals to me as it only took 5 minutes to write, off the cuff.
short poem about the peace of the night when all is calm and nature is the main factor.
a short story about a retired man who heard noises, in the night when the clock had struck midnight. Purely an invented tale.
A quick poem about being alone with my thoughts, I expect so many other people to do the same, it is what makes us human.
Just a quick ditty about a robin with an umbrella, sometimes I sit in my garden and just imagine things.
A short poem about a squeaking gate that drove me crackers over a week and how I resolved the matter. We all have things sometimes that get on your nerves, can be the smallest of things occasionally.
A short article on how shopping has changed since i was a young lad. Some shopping is better now, but not all as i remember some very valuable points.
a short poem about wales and it`s great past of myths and legends, a place for all to visit.
Now that I am retired I find sometimes that when I awake in the mornings I seem to look back on my life and remember all sorts of experiences. Just had to put some of them down on paper. Some will appreciate I hope.
A short poem about the wish for winter to leave and the hope that summer will be here soon.
Just a short poem about the heavy drinking these days and why it causes stress to families and friends.
a short poem about flying in a hot air balloon, starting off at night and landing in the day. And the dream of growing wings for travel.
A short poem about the rich and poor of the world, and how giving makes you feel so great, also I ask the question why are we not doing more !
Just a little poem about the ongoing wars the world has and my plead for it to stop, enough is enough.
Just a short poem about the weather leading up to Christmas. It`s what sometimes happens but not always as Christmas is normally thought of
A quick poem about my thoughts when I was standing by myself looking at the moon on a quiet still evening. Must be getting soppy in my old age !
A quick poem about sitting by the waters edge watching life go by on a nice summer day, Just wish there was more of them.
A poem about watching a star and finding out that it was a comet, A rare and once in a lifetime happening.
A daft poem about a double glazing salesman at my door and why you should sometimes tell white lies.
Details of how the Welsh dragon came about, who used it and related information connecting to the flag.
A poem about the birds I see and why we should treasure and do everything that we can to make sure we have birds for generations to come.
My thoughts about the size we humans are in comparison to the seas, stars and the universe. Thoughts that many people think about but don`t always speak about.
A poem about a golden carp that was stolen from my garden pond yesterday. All my family are of course a little upset.
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