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I love to write. I am also a blogger. I love to write articles and flash fiction. I love to share.
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It is a fable short story about bullying at animal farm. It reminds us that we can stop bullying. It reminds us that everyone is growing.It reminds us to respect each others.
If you are an employee who want to have better income, it is one of motivational stories for employees. This story presents cross cultural understanding and how the difference opens someone's mind to be better. It is not one of cute love stories although interracial love is the elemen...
It is a story of a child who was needy for something. When he grew up, he was aware that he received many things in time. Read this motivational short story.
It is one of superhero short stories which tells how he has conflict with his wild or dark side.
It is rewritten version of Puss in Boots, a classic fairy tale, written by Charles Perrault with some additional characters in it. Besides, additional plots occur in the story with fable, Gothic, and fantasy touch. In this story, a small cat tells his experience to help his master an...
Patrick Shamrock had to do his last mid semester tasks to receive the sword of knight. He had to learn to ride the griffin, write the manual to ride the griffin, and join super animal race championship. To accompany Patrick, Master Smarasanta sent Petroox, a musician for paradise, and...
Sometimes, cats meow to ask for food. Sometimes, cats meow to ask for help. Sometimes, they also meow for something else. It is a story of a homeless cat.
It is the story from space for those who love peace and appreciate the power of harmonious diversity.
A teacher asked a student why he submitted blank paper in drawing class.
With fable, you can explain the theory or thought in funny and simple way. You can make uninteresting things become more interesting through your fable story. This article provides tips of how to write short fable story.
They are not mice. They are mouse-like tools for computer and it is one of their stories.
To become Santa Claus, you can try the following tips.
This joke is related to pronouns and the meaning of them.
Writer’s block is problem in writing process. You need to identify the problem. When you read the questions in this article, you will learn to identify your writer’s block.
Be careful with what you hear! The sound is almost the same. Misunderstanding can make you suffer.
Everyone needs freedom to grow as individual. It is a fable of self development, of respect to freedom, and of role as team player.
I am just kidding in this writing. When you read it, do not be so serious. "No Pain No Gain" is popular quote. However, another kinds of people have their credo about "Pain" and "Gain." What do Sadist, Masochist, businessmen, and unlucky hard worker say about "Pain"and "Gain"?
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