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I am 67 years old. I live in Sheffield. I worked in retail for most of my working life both as an employee and self employed. I enjoy writing poetry although I am not very good at it. Although I do like to get feedback good or bad.
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Recent pages by BOB the DOG

A poem about the evil in the world today. A follow up to my poem Through the Eyes of a Child. Not easy reading but I hope Thought provoking.
A poem that most people with Grandkids can related to. Not to be taken too seriously.
One of the first poems I have written about my first girlfriend. A lot of subsequent poems about her are on this web site.
This poem is about Jessica Ennis an unassuming young lady from my home City of Sheffield, who won what is considered to be the "Blue Ribbon" event of ladies athletics. Another comment and congratulations to Jess (now Jessica Ennis-Hill). Firstly all on her marriage and the birth of he...
A poem about my grumpiness, the not so honourable politicians and their friends the greedy, grasping sleasy Bankers.
A poem about the ups and downs of my life. My home life, my childhood, . my youth, my love life
A page about losing a loved one and the helplessness you feel. I wrote a couple of years ago and promised to put it on after reading Judy Ellen's sad poem and ShallimarRose's reply
A poem about seeing someone you love hurting and in pain, yet not being able to help.
A little poem to tell your children or if your old like me, your grandchildren
A poem about memories of a summer evening long ago. One evening of many spent with a very special lady, long lost but never forgotten.
A poem about first love. The joy of of that love and the pain and longing when it's over.
A poem about a love from long, long ago and the memories she left me with.
This poem is about holidays as a child and in my youth. A far gentler time than now.
A tongue in cheek bit of fun about the moderators. I'm sure no offence will be taken. (I hope)!!
A poem of long remembered days of love, and joy with a very special young lady.
A Sonnet telling of love, beauty and dreams of a long lost love. A sequel to my Old Fashioned Love Poem.
Love and Dreams and Memories. Thoughts of things that might have been.
A short poem about love and longing and wishes that can never come true.
With fondest memories of a very special young lady, and about a letter I recieved from her a couple of years ago.
A poem about someone who I loved fifty years ago. A very special person to me.
A poem I wrote on the 10th anniversary of 9/11. As my tribute to the poor souls that died and were injured in that terrible tragedy, and the families that lost their loved ones.
A romantic poem in old romantic verse. The purists will probably deride it as neither one thing nor the other. Hopefully more will like it than dislike it.
A poem about lost love and the realisation that no matter how you try you never forget that special person in your life.
A poem for all you keen gardeners, (and if like me) not so keen gardeners.
Three poems about our much loved pets and their passing. Very sad but I hope amusing at the same time. Anyone who has lost a pet will relate to these poems.
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