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Well, today we wanted to dedicate this post to the care and care of their teeth from looming. No need to wait until the baby is two or three years, starting from a very small oral hygiene routine is highly advisable.
Between 4 and 6 months, babies have their body mature enough to eat other foods and can not be only milk without experiencing any alteration stomach.
While it is true that the regularity in bowel movements during pregnancy depends on how this transition was before pregnancy, it is likely that as your body changes and through many changes, one of these changes as notes in your gut.
The health and welfare of the baby, and through its food, is also achieved through good hygiene. If the baby is clean, this is much more relaxed and peaceful and much happier. All care is just for our baby is happy, relaxed and happy.
After birth, a moment of most intense for the newly released moms, many of them decide to take matters into your body and try again in the shortest possible time, as before, or as close before you know they would deal with pride pregnancy.
Throughout the development and growth of child, they pass through various stages and processes that we as parents should face the best and make this change does not involve trauma to them, quite the contrary, a way forward in the path that is your life.
No finest moment in the life of a couple's arrival to the world of a son or daughter. From that moment, we are always on and for them. Our life changed 360 degrees.
All special care are few for our newborn and one of those special and delicate care that all moms should take into account are the first productions of clothes for their offspring.
The first and most important is to use a shampoo for children or babies to avoid that if he gets into the eyes can become irritated. We can also take the shampoo bottle and throw it before bathing in the tub.
Now we are in recess, we spent many days on the beach and assume that long exposure to sun. Both young adults and we always take great care to these exposures.
Is shown that babies under 6 months love mirrors. Is demonstrated through a study by the psychologist Lewis, the first year that the child somehow intuits that the image is reflected in the mirror has anything to do with it.
Surely in these days of summer heat and vacation you could see your baby in the appearance of dermatitis, is called diaper rash. This disease appears in the most delicate skin of our little: tummy, thighs and around the "bum". Contact with urine and face can cause these irritations.
What a joy when you know you're pregnant. Future dads are happy with the news and you start thinking about their future .... Boy or girl? That's the first question that assaults the prospective parents.
Prohibited tuna, swordfish, shark and shellfish. It's the latest news about food and pregnancies and babies are concerned.
Many women, until the end of gestation, have to continue with their activities and daily chores. It is true that toward the end of pregnancy these are much heavier and therefore must be very careful when making such domestic activities.
We have always heard that to be with a child in need, not five, but a hundred ways. It is true that we must be alert all day and still there are times when we can give us a scare.
One of the biggest concerns is whether pregnant women can become lost amniotic fluid. It is well known that the amniotic sac is a membranous structure containing tight amniotic fluid, which is the liquid that surrounds the fetus and guarantees their welfare. They are afraid of not kno...
Maintain neat your baby's face is not easy. True, it is something simple clean it when it has traces of milk, mash or puree, but what happens if you get up with bleary eyes? or do you have mucus? or do you have earaches? These are parts that appear more sensitive and, without doubt, g...
Physiologic jaundice is a condition that causes yellowing them. Can occur both in children born at the time, as in premature infants, but much more frequent than experienced by children born before the due date.
Now that summer comes, it comes time to go for a walk, on a Saturday or Sunday to spend the day at the beach or stay until dinner time playing in the park. It's a very good time and good for children, the sun, the outdoors and the weather favor their physical, psychological and emotio...
Until what age I can stay pregnant? That's the million dollar question that many women are asking today. For a variety of social situations, women today tend to start having children at a mean age of 30 years. Thanks to advances in medicine, women who want to be mothers can accomplish...
Use safety belts in the car is required. And pregnant women are no exception. It is true that there is to know how to put it to not be uncomfortable for the mother or the baby but always always wear.
During the first months of baby's life is better sterilize once a day and when you buy a new pacifier. How to sterilize? Can then bring to boil in water for several minutes in the same way that a sterilized bottle. Once sterilized should be allowed some time to cool.
What a joy when you know you are pregnant and the first thing you think is the desire you have that you begin to notice the tummy!, But that entails a drawback is that, depending on when you baby is born, you must renew your wardrobe with clothes that fit your new body.
When you're pregnant there are thousands of advice you on what should and should not do, how you should behave, which is what you feel, etc ... and of course, also get tips on what can and what you can not eat .
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