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'Writing' for me has always been the expression soul. I keep my self updated with recent events and research. My areas of interest: engineering(civil), psychology, health, art, music and literature.
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Recent pages by Aarti

In a last decade or so, the cases of eating disorder has increased in young girls. Through this article, we can understand the effect of popular media in increasing eating disorders.
So, you are about to turn 25, here is a list of things that you should definitely do before you turn 25. These are indeed the most important experiences in life. something you will always look back.
A poem about a woman trapped in her own mind looking to destroy the evil that has lured inside her,
For years there has been a debate on whether death penalty is moral or not? But we forget to ask the main question. Is is effective or not?
Borderline Personality : Through this article we take you into the unique journey of a person suffering from BPD and their road to recovery.
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