Judy Sheldon

Judy Sheldon
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Someone who has to work full time but has a passion for writing and herbal remedies. With a full time job, 23 grand children, another on the way and 3 great grandchildren it isn't always easy, but still worth it.
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It's nice to imagine but truly nice to be for real.
It's easy to watch someone else in turmoil and pinpoint what they have done wrong, but are we so very far behind?
I live in a small town in Michigan and know every place within walking distance where a flower grows and where the sunrises and sunsets are best seen. I am surrounded by nature and would have it no other way. While city noises jangle the nerves from time to time, nature calmly restore...
Often when I get home from work you can find me in my office typing away on the computer. Frequently I have a cat on my lap but sometimes the cats have something on their mind besides cuddling, like last night when my tom cat came flying through the air landing on my key board. The ev...
The day begins dismal and gray but then the gray clouds make way for fluffy white ones and the sun begins to shine...
We have that promise from God. God can do all, but he cannot break a promise. Our loved ones, with the best of intentions, break promises and even our hearts sometimes, but even when human frailty causes us to be less than we what we would like to be, God gives us power to be so much...
The newspapers cover the children who seem to slip between the cracks. Who is taking care of them? I don't want to pick up the newspaper and read about another lost life, especially when they are so young.
When one of the parents is absent for long stretches of time not only does the other parent suffer but so do the children.
Often I witness squirrels scampering through my backyard or a glorious cardinal and blue jay only to have them scurry/fly away as I reach for the camera. I have settled for far off pictures from the (their) safety of my car or home, behind a window.
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