Akash Angs

Akash Angs
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I like writing about things that are to be expressed in a passionate way to leave a mark in the reader's mind.
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A suicide is a certainty. People pontificate “suicide is a coward’s act”, couldn’t be further from the truth. But suicide takes tremendous courage that gets instigated by an overwhelming, unbearable emotional pain.
Poetry For The Soul. From the heart it flowed and persists to be eternal.
A lonely but happy life I did live With few love to take and give, A closure that may occur but pretend
A patriotic poem about my country, India. It tells about the oneness that exists in the vastness.
A man who has committed something terrible due to the choices he made outta mere lust for worldly possession has led him to an end.
A mystical sparked at dawn that still lives even after sunrise & keeps dwelling in my heart.
A short story of two friends and what twist this small plot awaits the reader.
Another short poem of mine more like a sonnet depicting what friendship means.
A poem that echoes about love that'll lead to destiny above everything.
A short poem that depicts how i fell in love with my best friend.
The way in which the world is moving right now is the opposite direction of what its supposed to be heading. #Corruption#Human-Trafficking#etc
Nothing is greater than the power of Nature which can eradicate mankind with the blink of an eye.
Its a short story fantasizing something that is not present.
This poem is about how I'm comparing the nature of science and the nature of my love for my beautiful girlfriend!!!
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