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Abioye Munashe
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Abioye received awards of “Poet of the Month” from Poetic Vibes in January 2009 and January 2011. See More of him http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wrl1YBWPBoc&feature=player_detailpage
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Is your toddler hyperactive? It seems like he/she is never tired and keeps you going and going? Do you feel tired and believe you need a break?
"I will pray for you," or "be strong" are rants of a lazy man/woman who disappears like the vain words from their lips.
There is no one as special as you are. You are special just the way you are
In many countries of the western hemisphere emancipation was celebrated on August 1st 2011. Although emancipation was celebrated in remembrance of the abolition of slavery it can be argued that slavery is incognito in today's society.
As we approach father's day all I hear is about the men who are not fathers. Sadly this imagery is projected as the dominant imagery of masculinity. What about the true meaning of fatherhood and the men who are excellent father? I want to express gratitude to all the fathers and encou...
Sometimes it is not what we say but how we say it. Tone of voice and body language affects the intended message. Effective communicators use non verbals to their advantage ensuring they get the message clearly to the intended audience.
The prison has evolved into a place of rehabilitation. Correctional officers take on a challenge which the world has refused but in the end they are punished for it
When you face difficult you know those who are your friends by their actions.
Provoking questions for you to share your opinion. Please feel free to express yourselves
Men are not socialized to express vulnerability...an apology is not merely saying the words...boundaries defines types of relationships.
Society can sometimes create stereotypes. Stereotypes ignore those who do not conform to the stereotypical behaviour. Take for example gender stereotypes such as "Men are dogs," can ignore men who are responsible and loving fathers and spouses.
We could either sit and waste time on vain thoughts or we can get up and make our dreams a reality.
I am who I am...regardless of what folks may say about me...I am who I am.
In the mid of critique and condemnation you must find the strength to continue doing you best at what you do. Never give up.
If someone cease to think and instead allow their actions to be driven by emotions. Emotions driven by past hurt would only cause destruction
Many people confuse madness for "badness'. What we really have in society is not delinquent criminals but mad men walking the streets.
A homeless man who always wanted to become a teacher gets his wishes when he used a brand new van as a white board. What does the owner do?
Patience, positive thoughts, and hard work is enough to get you out of distress. people who work hard despite challenges are the ones always successful.
"Rotted apples will spoil the entire basket." Why not eliminate or discard of the rotted apples? Many times they are rotted from the inside.
A man whose masculinity is based on the word of God is different to one whose masculinity is based on aggression, violence and crime.
We do not show our true self to the world but wear masks for every occasion.
Mandingo is about real people..living real lives...rich African history...
He beat her like she was a Steel Pan but instead of music blood...and her cries...but still he kicked and cuffed...she survived for her children's sake and defeated masculinism.
An epitaph...reminding you of the sweetness of life as you celebrate the life of a departed.
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