Helen Holdun

Helen Holdun
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Passionate writer, author, hopeless romantic and fun mom to three fantastic sons.! I love sharing words, words and more words... I'll never grow up and refuse to ever be old!
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A parent is a reflection of the good and bad in their children! The poignant lyrics of Barry Manilow and Marty Panzers touching song clearly states the tremendous responsibility we have in teaching our children by example. "I am your child Wherever you go you take me too Whatever I ...
The choice Angelina Jolie made, once again reinforced my belief to always, ALWAYS, follow my instincts and do what I believe is best, no matter what others might say, which might include fighting for my way!
When you love a guy (or gal) you want to spend time with them. However, too much time together could destroy the relationship; pulling you apart instead of bringing you closer together.
As adults we lose the innocent joy of childhood. But sometimes, if we're lucky, in the winter of life, we recapture what was.
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