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An architect by profesion.just out of interest is on poetry but majorly on issues relating to politics,philosophy,renewable energy and social ills.hope you enjoy my reads.
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I was reflecting on the dangers of capitalism in the world today.does capitalism cause greed and eventual suffering to the poor?
its a reflection of how politicians change after winning elections.instead of continuing caring for citizens as they did during campaigns,they now care about themselves
this was my first poem to write.was inspired by the campaign manifesto of the CORD coalition in the march 4th 2013 Kenya elections.but they lost
a person at times tries to change hoping for the better on to realize you changed for the may buy a new item hoping for good service but you get the opposite
a rainy season comes with much hope to millions.its benefit are reaped by those who utilize it to the full
it is a poem i wrote to pinpoint the hopes people put on politicians but to the opposite the politicians forget about them once elected
sudan sudan please stop fighting.persona here is an angry or mentally tormented neighbour who had helped her stop war.its kenya.poem tries to explain mood of kenyans and the world because of the new tribal war
IN KENYA it illegal to take beer after 11pm. I Conceptualized THIS on Thursday 5th sep 2013 after being caught red handed at a drinking joint past using a metaphor of a priest to represent the policeman who caught us and forced a marriage with me to another pal(police ...
was a reflection on how in kenya it wa s after elections and a court petition lingered about
i missed several Sunday services n this is what my meditation brought m e to
should homosexuality be allowed in society.what about natures plan for man?
was reflecting on kenyan general election and what leaders do after election day
i was just thinking and contemplating on effects of alcohol on men after observing a friend. i have used no metaphor in this also appears on
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