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In my world bullshit and stark reality go hand in hand I've read anything I could find for 50 yrs. I write mostly short humor
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Betting strategies for ten cent superfectas to maximize your chances of winning and minimize the amount of your wager.
After a 30 year career drinking in the bars one trip to the Humane Society costs me enshrinement in the drunks hall of fame
Flight test in the school library goes wrong paper airplane crashes drawing the attention of my teacher.
We overestimate the ability of an untrained donkey to pack our camping gear into the mountains.
Drastic action is necessary when a skunk makes himself at home in my house.
The best workout video for super hot weather is by Junior Samples of Hee Haw fame.
Psychiatric help from an old friend to help appease my wife, and a neighbor with poor vision
A why didn't I think of that lesson in heavenly etiquette in a dream.
Two 12 year old boys investigating a train wreck turn the whole day into a train wreck with a little well timed bad judgment.
The perils of crossing a 3 mile long train trestle
My dog looses his mind kills eight chickens on a neighboring farm
Just sitting here making up lies. In my world stark reality and bullsh*t go hand in hand. Collecting boogers and running out of gas. Don't waste it eat it all
Odd jobs from George W. Bush getting punked to selling tourist maps of the Golden Gate Bridge.
Watching a gorilla throw excrement at spectators on a field trip to the zoo creates trouble for some 3rd graders back in class
Slop it on painting with a bit of artistry thrown in
If you pay attention you'll learn a lot while growing up. Like Christmas trees burn really easy and cats are not deep water baptists
Andy Rodgers The Midnight Cowboy who Bo Didley called the Grand Daddy of the blues was a friend of mine the last two years of his life
If I had been alive during the time that the Bible was written I think my contribution might have looked like this.
This page will for the most part be, humorous outdoor short stories.
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