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I'm a freelance Malay Translator/Writer who loves arts and literature.
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In this world rocked by storms let me share my vision of peace please read, reflect, and reform may our lives be none but bliss. ~ shasel
Post 911, Muslims are branded Terrorists. During the Crusades, they were the enemies. Yet, the real Terrorists can't be named or they will send drones to bomb and kill the messenger.
Some guys claim, poems are meant for dreamers, they have no commercial value, say some others, yet some poems are worth reading and sharing, especially when they are nice as well as moving.
"Life is a continuous struggle between truth and falsehood. The perception of truth is unfortunately very subjective. Hence, the fight continues. The real winners will only be crowned when life cease to exist." ~ shasel
A set of inspirational poems to brighten your day. Check out the song Never surrender!
This page records Multiply’s triumph over Facebook in a Popularity Poll conducted by in 2011. The latest news announced is that it has decided to cease its operations by the 6th of May 2013. R.I.P.
"PATIENCE is one of the virtues that will lead us to success and fulfillment if we strive to let it prevail and master every move and breath of ours in any situation that we face in our daily life." ~ shasel
This is the story of a beggar from Singapore who was fondly known as 'Auntie'. The next time you see a beggar, do remember this story, as you would see them in a different light, for good or for worse...
Let us embrace multilingualism to boost more traffic to Wikinut. Restricting contents to only English will not be so good in the long run. So, I'm sharing this poem with its Malay version for the benefit of those who are learning the language via a certificated translator instead of...
To be a celebrity or not to be. It's really a personal choice. Although I love writing and sharing, yet to be a celebrity is not what I'm comfortable with. For being obscure yet famous like the elusive unicorn has a much greater appeal to me.
This article is specially dedicated to all my followers in WN. Feel free to share it with others if you find it worth reading.
My 7-sense worth to improve Wikinut. Will this earn me a Star page or will it be brushed aside as moot and insipid?
The value of any old thing is priceless if its essense is good. A new thing does not necessarily carry greater worth than an old product especially if its essense is bad. The fable of the ugly duckling as a parallel reflection reinforces this observation. Hence, true beauty is on...
A simple poem whose message speaks for itself. T4TU in advance.
A simple poem extolling the virtue of helping each other for the benefit of both parties.
This story is inspired by the tale of Prophet Moses and Khidr as revealed in surah Al Kaf (The Cave) in the Quran. It deals with the theme of Tasawwuf or Sufism, a mystical and highly controversial branch of Islam. Please read it with an open mind and quit reading if any part of the...
A metaphorical poem that may appeal to those who believe in the existence of a Grand Maker of the Universe.
A puzzle poem that may appeal to word lovers yet may be appalling or horrifying to language purists. Anyway it is decoded here for those who have little time for games.
Some people love to update their status for everyone, yet when some strangers leave comments, even positive ones, they just don't have the courtesy to reciprocate by acknowledging with a thank you or responding to the message left by people who took the trouble to read their stat...
A reflection on giving eulogies and the value of advertising that can make a product either under or over-rated. This is an example of a 2-in-1 poem.
Let's celebrate Parents-in-law Day today! The date 30th April had unilaterally been chosen as Parents-in-law's Day with effect from 30th April 1999...
QUACK critics, poets and writers, are ubiquitous..., thank God, a gecko can't quack, critic or write, it only eats and shits, mates and hibernates...
HELLO friends and friends-to-be, greetings of peace to you from me, wondering what I have to say today?, nothing philosophical nor heavy, but just a minute reflection, on the wonders of today's creations ...
A personal dilemma of a compassionate gardener :-)
Just a little advice for aspiring poets out there. All comments are welcomed, criticisms tolerated. Feel free to share with others if you like this piece.
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