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i love to write about relationships, dating, weight management, humour, weddings & fashion.
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These jokes are sooooo funny that you can't help but laugh out loud. I bet if you don't laugh or smile after reading this, then you have a serious problem that might need urgent attention!
This joke shows the kind of answers we have for stupid questions people ask sometimes. The answers here mostly stays in our THOUGHTS. We all wish we can say them attimes but guess what! We need to be polite
Are you afraid of the day you will propose to a girl? This funny proposal will sure lighten up your mood. No matter how you propose, any girl that loves you will accept your proposal.
Facebook enlist's Washington insiders! Hired two former officials who worked for former president George W. Bush, including Joel Kaplan, who served as Bush's deputy chief of staff. Read on to find out what facebook is up to!!
Rape is the major abuse girls suffer these days. The fear and shame of being scorned by their peers forces the victims to keep to themselves. I did some research and observations and came up with the most effective Tips to avoid Rape! Believe me, it worked for me!
Need to keep your relationship Guys? Many guys think they know everything a woman wants but the truth is "They dont". List of Little things that can actually make a woman love you forever. These few Tips guarantees a long lasting relationship.
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