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A wide reader with an interest in current events, education, sports, technology, ideas, opinions and whatever. And father to three growing up kids too. Just sharing my thoughts to the world.
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Recent pages by bryeunade

Manny Pacquiao’s acquired education through the Alternative Learning System.
Taking a closer look into the lives of the Saudis through personal experience.
Having read many stories about the possibility of civilizations on Mars, this article takes a closer look but is left for you to decide.
A brief look into the history of the Knights Templar
Killer shrimps spreading along the waters of the United Kingdom.
While tattoo is considered to be painful, tattoo branding is an even more extreme form of art where a third degree burn is inflicted on to one's skin. This article takes a closer look at it.
A look into a rare and foul smelling plant that can only be found within deep forests.
Letting my imagination run free with the comic books I read.
Having spoken to one of these kids, I have seen how life is difficult to them.
At the end of Ramadan, Muslims all over the world celebrate Eid El Fitr. A joyous occasion for the Muslim community.
An insight to NASA's International Space Station. The largest man made object in space that is scheduled to be completed by the end of this year.
Understanding illiteracy and what can be done in our own little way to help eradicate this problem.
Being a fan of Ms. Natalie Portman, here's news of her possibility to win the coveted Oscar's Best Actress Performer.
Just read a story on Hulk Hogan getting hospitalized for severe back pain. Nothing conclusive yet about his health status as test are still being made.
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