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Cihan, mid-senior level experienced publicist and production coordinator, works for the local Ottawa media production company Victorydawn Pictures since 2012.
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Only when there is limited time before the Emergency Rescuers arrive, you must follow these guidelines to buy time for the victims to be saved. Because you can neither risk the victims' safety nor your own safety.
Each time you desire for a purpose, your heart is able to make rainbows from a single drop of rain. When making your wish be sure to ask to the right source. And then follow this recipe for it to come true:
The first Nobel Peace Prize was given to a world-changing movement in the year 1901, a movement which brought a farewell to arms, was subject to alter the course of history, for the reason being it decided the victor of WWI and WWII beforehand.
FALL,2016- Annual growth rates of amateur video production by revenue from the partners of Youtube,Facebook,Netflix,Amazon-Prime,Hulu are analyzed in comparison of federal approach between Anglosphere Countries and Shanghai Pact.
A hope < a wish < a dream < a commencement < a plan < a process are 6 stages of human reality. This second article in The World Of Ideas aims to help you interpret your own dreams. Identify your dream-self and understand the butterfly effect with Lorenz Attractor for your own perspec...
Dreaming is a method of auxiliary communication humans cannot physically able to establish by themselves. This research article provides a simple guide for you to conquer deepest fears in your life, or to achieve a goal you have always failed to achieve by methods of teaching your sub...
This research article puts together documents, resources and archival materials in history of Aero-Navigation by two of the heroic and iconic memoirs like no other.
This second part of this research article aims to put together all the erased, forgotten, misinformed and banished topics related to Science of Human Resurrection on a clinically dead body, and its place from the scope of Medical Criminology. This article never stands on a single cert...
and she is listening Hip-Hop music. She could also dance, could sing a song with tunes from another song, and could compose a new song from a poem. This is a compilation of Baz Luhrmann's Red Curtain movies, and a guide to understand why Luhrmann does this.
There is just a thin border between medical science and crime, considering that many psychopathic serial killers known in media derive their murderous desires from the curiosity of experimenting on the dead.
This page is dedicated to the celestial exploration of Waltz music in Cosmos and in Love, through which one of the basic fundamentals of Physics are applied to human nature. Read further to explore it yourself and listen to it.
By this film review for South Korean film director Kim Ki-duk's mystery/drama feature Shi Gan(2006), I am analyzing the thesis of resorting anti-aging methods to look and to live younger, in norms of human psychology.
Feb,24th,2014- Galatasaray and Chelsea, two top football teams from Turkey and England at the tops of their match forms will face each other in this Wednesday night's big football celebration in Istanbul. Here are some pre-match notes and score predictions.
A weather story from Ottawa, just few days after the 2014 Winterlude Festival was over.
How and why do adolescents and young adults search for devotion in every short-winded love affair? Can we distinguish between infatuation and true love? This European style drama/romance film seeks the answers in solitariness and in social consciousness.
Wouldn't you rather the life when you were an adolescent in the 1950s' where nice things used to last longer? Think of a longer lasting first love. This is a film review and includes a fan-made Youtube video.
El Aura(2005) film review. Late Argentinian filmmaker and director Fabian Bielinsky's farewell to cinema in the style of Machinist, 21 Grams, Memento and Jacob's Ladder.
In this tale from the Persian Mythology, the primitive doctrine of ethics awaits to be scrutinized once more: "Know Thyself"
In this anthology of Space fiction and review article for the aftermath of Marc Caro's film Dante 01(2008), various critical points of religious fantasy in future settings are discussed, such as return of the Messiah and the secret of immortality in humans.
Some people live for a better and easier life, some live for a better and easier death. In this film adaptation of Brazilian TV-series "Cidade Dos Homens(2002)" a crime tale delivers us the epilogue and previous times of "City of God(Cidade de Deus)". In other words Fernando Meirelle...
To all the lovers across this universe who count the years passed with celebrating their anniversaries, this is my take on a Turkish pop/waltz classic song, translated for English poetry: Sen Benim Şarkılarımsın (video clip song)
The blend of Crime and Road Trip is a perfect sub-genre mix that puts together one of those rare movies which has the taste of Bonnie & Clyde (1967), Thelma & Louise (1991).
Unrestrainedly flourishing melodrama told by the misuse of popular culture trends of the Vietnam War era that tries too hard to be influential, but fails to be. Didn't get much recognition and forgotten so easily and quickly.
a short anthology article for the honor and the loving memory of the Türkish founding father Mustafa Kemal Atatürk who passed away in peace on the 10th of November,1938
"America is addicted to oil" says President George W.Bush, but is there a promising future for Humanity in the Oil Industry?
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