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Birthplace; Dayton, Ohio; schools; Ohio, TN, & FL. Past nurse tech work. Enjoy poetry writing and have songs written & recorded demos. The early years for me were the best ones of my life.
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Christmas time for families always seem to make the news in some way or another. Thus, I thought I would write up my own fictional news story about a family around holiday events, times, and places.
When a sting or bite from an insect occurs it is always good to get to a doctor or go to a hospital if one is allergic to the venom. (Oh I hate that word 'venom'.) It is just what makes one sick or debilitated if bit or stung; when a victim is allergic to the venom. What does one do...
Many people have reported seeing Elvis in different places. We have heard stories of the such. Until the last decade the world thought of him as being deceased. It is true Elvis the image is gone but the man is alive and is going by his dead twin's name, Jesse Garon.
This is simply a topic about coffee. I think my first section or report will be on coffee consumption. Other articles about coffee follow.
I wrote this in dedication to my sweet little grandson. I dedicate this poem to all grandsons from grandmothers like me. It's another fantasy children's story poem and hope readers will really enjoy this. Originally written 12/28/2005
The title is not what it seems to be about. This is about a relationship and the roadmap is used as a metaphore for that. Written in first person.
Everywhere we go we see scenery. This poem is intended to spark imagination and humor.
This is a fantasy story poem about an ever changing butterfly that flutters all about; high above and back down to oceans. She is everywherre, she makes children and adults smile when they look up and see her looking down at them. By the way, I refer to children in this poem as pearls...
This is about my fathers study in metallurgy and company development for Titanium Powder production.
I thought I would convey in this short story what the seasons of the year mean to me. I tried making it fantasy like, colorful, intriguing, and something to read that would make you feel like falling in love with.
This story concludes a series about Old Chair Whispers and Fairy Fireflies in a glenn amidst a fantasy place I refer to as "Evergreen."
This is a continuation of "Firefly Fairies" now facing spring time in Evergreen Place.
Altho' my grandma has long since gone home to Heaven, she left me with such good memories about her that I can write about them in a story or poem. I prefer to put it here in the form of a little memory poem about her.
Me and the cat wanted friends over but was too late, so I wrote this little poem, 'Pillow Talk.'.
This is a sequel to my other fairytale poem about fairy fireflies. My story includes the character, old chair, "Whispers" which I based this new poem on.
I wrote this for a neighbor friend in FL Valentine's 2005. She has a son who does not keep in touch with her. Somehow found out that his wife had a child making her a new grandma. She was sad because he made little contact with her. She sent a couple baby gifts & was still ignored. ...
Writing about old things found maybe in an old family home or on the land of ancesters and making decisions about them; to keep, store, throw out, or sell them.
(About Elvis Presley's ancestry blood line) Friends, did you know about Elvis Presley's ancestry? I have been doing some researching. Let me say it in a poetic story form here. I will want to add more info to this later but this is just to begin. The title reflects how I feel about E...
About a make believe place called "Evergreen." A story poem about make believe fairy fireflies.
In search of lovely scenic treasures around the United States of America.
Just a thought in poetic terms concerning this life's work and meeting rest at the other side of this journey of 'plowing' in life.
Who were they who jumped windows of the twin towers? I refer to them as flowers in this poem.
This is just a little poem pertaining to a daughter about her mom.
Now sharing my own quick fixing up ideas. These ideas are original! It has been said, "necessity is the mother of invention", which was the thought behind my ideas as situations arose in my life when I was alone raising my children.
Just another one of my 'night time' writings. Seems I can get my thoughts flowing better then.
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