Merlyn Viegas

Merlyn Viegas
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Am a post graduate who was working till very recently as a senior guest relations excecutive for a five star property in Goa. I am very fond of reading and love to write up short articles too.
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Have always wondered...... what happens after we die??
Do Dad's really love their daughters and how do we, daughters, understand that love??
If our faith in God is stong.... angels can appear anywhere!!
Crime Patrol....... A short review about a serial that comes on Sony TV, India about crime and how it can be stopped
Do we really need to fight about whose God is better??? Are they not all the same??
Normally people are adviced not to visit Goa during the monsoons, but I think people should only come during the monsoons and experience true Goan beauty
Exciting, a little complicated and lenghty but worth it at the end
A fun packed day with all the elements of a long awaited adventure holiday!!
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