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I like to write, I write poetry and prose. I write on nature, the environment, in fact I write on any subject.
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Country living can be pleasurable and very relaxing. Quite often you lose sense of time.
Not only is the thistle the subject of writers, a symbol of nobility, and an emblem that adorns flags, it saved the day for the Scots from the invading Norsemen and became the symbol on silver coins and the Royal Emblem of Scotland.
Sri Lanka is an independent tropical Island resting in the Indian Ocean with no other country between her and the Antarctic. She is endowed with many facets of nature and has many interests to fascinate any traveller in search of a pleasurable and relaxing holiday.
After thirty years of bloody internal strife in the North of Sri Lanka, this little island nation is rapidly progressing in economic recovery and development of infrastructure is speeding along. Strategically placed in the Indian Ocean, it is hoped to be soon developed into the hub of...
Budding is a process of plant propagation and refers to the grafting of the bud of one plant onto another in the same species. However, not all plants take to this process.
Budding and grafting come under the methods of asexual propagation of plant material to join two or more parts of plants to grow as one.
Old or new any room in a home is enhanced with curtains whether it is to create drama, ambiance or privacy there is always a curtain design that will make a room more liveable and homely.
Understand how propagation takes place. This aspect is very important as not all plants can be propagated in the same manner.
Adding spaciousness without actually adding more physical space can be quite a challenging undertaking.
Tomato is a wonderful vegetable with many health benefitting qualities. Nothing can beat the flavour of home grown tomatoes freshly picked from your own vines.
Ever since the time man discovered that certain plants were edible, probably through trial and error, herbs have played an important role in healing diseases.
Getting started in making your garden come alive can be very absorbing and fulfilling. Consider your garden as an extension of your living space.
Anthuriums are shade loving plants, when grown in commercial quantities they are ideally grown under shade cloth that will block 70- 80% of light. On average, a shade house with a planting density of 25,000 plants per acre will produce 150,000 inflorescences during a year.
Pests and weeds are any gardener’s nightmare. But what really are weeds? What we call weeds may even turn out to be exotic plant material in some parts of the world. Weeds are invasive plants that can take over a garden quite fast while you literally watch them grow. Yet again som...
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