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A barefoot runner's guide for writers who might want to try running (away from deadlines).
Little Gerry woke up early but he won't even watch TV! What's up Little Gerry, tell us the matter please!
Quality prints begin with quality pre-press. Read on for a list of reliable pre-press providers in Quezon City, Philippines. This list will be edited time and again for relevancy and timeliness.
This is a poem dedicated to my mother. I hope she gets to read this no matter how technology-averse she is.
I write this with a clogged nose. If you are reading this with the same predicament, read on and find out ways to declog without the need to buy expensive and unnecessary over the counter solutions.
Opposing teams are lucky to limit Gary David to 20 points per game. Otherwise, he has no trouble making 30 points on the average per game and on his career high (as of January 29), he got a whopping 42 points.
All stories have been told before it's in the manner of writing that gives the story newness. Not familiar with defamiliarization? It's time you saw the world with Sherlock Holmes' eyes.
Can't get past the receptionist and have her transfer you to the Marketing or Purchasing department? Here are some bad habits to make it through.
This is one of the series of reviews on Robertson Davies' Deptford Trilogy. Read on to find out how childhood and innocence is tackled in the book.
Are you tired of having your supplier promise one thing but deliver the wrong material needed? Maybe a little additional documentation is needed. Read on to find out more.
At age 26 I was a Creative Head and in all my previous relationships I was the dominant force and more importantly, the one who handled all the finances. Now I am out of a job, in a relationship and a business where the money is not at my disposal. If you're in the same scenario, re...
I was born in 1985, he was born in 1970. He has a receding hairline, I have a fashionable graduated bob. He wears Bench, I wear ukay-ukay*. What happens now? Find out in this installment of He's 43, I'm 27: Chronicles of Life with an Older Man
I was born in 1985, he was born in 1970. What happens now? Find out in this installment of He's 43, I'm 27: Chronicles of Life with an Older Man
In this day and age of deep fried potatoes and 300-calorie salad dressings, it's a miracle for someone to live beyond 100 years. So if you're around 25 to 29 years old, and you feel like you're missing a lot on life, you might be experiencing quarter-life crisis. Stop whining and read...
Brilliant ideas often arrive when it shouldn't. During rush hour you get an epiphany on how to reword your characters. While standing in line for a cinema ticket you get an idea for a world-shaking speculative short story. Capture this brilliance immediately, it's as easy as getting ...
For everyone near Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall and Robinsons Metro East, along Marcos Hi-way, there is a good gym nearby. Visit Maic's Gym. See you there!
Tenderizing beef is time consuming. Here's a tip on how to make a quick and easy beef recipe Pinoy style.
I have a meeting with a possible business partner. I originally chose KFC Katipunan but since it was under renovation, I opted to go to Kenny Rogers/ Seattle's Best Katipunan instead. I left the store in high spirits until I went to the parking lot, back to the car and was asked by th...
One of my post-Christmas meals. I opened up my fridge and cupboards and found a can of young corn, half a bag of baby potatoes and an excessive amount of garlic. Enjoy!
A child living in a broken home. Does Jeanette Patindol give just enough drama and more reality to the situation of a child of a broken home?
You know you've officially arrived in Metro Manila when you've ridden the waves of EDSA. Yes, no need to take another plane to CamSur to find ripcurls, we have it on the ready at the most important road, both historically and geographically, in Metro Manila.
After years of using over-the-counter antiperspirant and deodorant, my underarms were in a very bad condition. Now I make my own natural antiperspirant deodorant and my underarm skin is improving continuously.
I first signed up for EzineArticles and I scoffed at Wikinut when I stumbled upon it later on. But I guess, first impressions don't always last.
I have very peculiar neighbors. One of them, a young couple, greets us with moans every morning. Talk about a perk me upper, eh?
Why do more people spend more time on Facebook than on Wikinut if the former does not pay but the latter does?
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