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Having qualified with a full Masters degree from the University of life I just want to help everyone along the majestic River of life. If you would like to see more from the White haired one why not pay a visit to http:www.inspirational-and-beyond.com you will be very welcome.

Happy Days
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During the Summer I was lucky enough to become involved with the greatest show on Earth, the London 2012 Olympic games. These are my personal reflections and memories of that wonderful event that touched all our lives.
Around a year ago we had a new addition to our Family in the form of a beautiful Cocker Spaniel called Honey. This is a small introduction about this special little Dog and why she has brought so much joy into our lives.
There exists a blueprint of the Human pysche, discovered by the White haired one in 2005 he explains how it added order and meaning to his life.
If like me you are easily distracted from the task in hand then read on as the famous Spaniel duo of Honey and Skipper teach the white haired one yet another life lesson.
Do you know that you are already in possession of the happiness you yearn for, the secret is sit and be still, just for a while.
Pondering as he usually does the White haired one offers a few thought's about our precious Human existance and what it all means.
Back in 1970 a young Boy watched the wonderful Red Arrows display Team perform their daring stunt's over the sky's of Hampshire in England. Etched forever in his mind's eye this is the story of that day and the beginning of a lifetime's worship of these aviation Hero's.
Do your best, these iconic words that are so importan to the foundation of the Scout movement have been uttered for decades. Within this article a little extra is added.
We expect our military to do the work they are trained for which can be both dangerous and traumatic in it's outcome. They know this and yet place themselves in harms way on our behalf some on a regular basis. Some struggle to get back into civilian life and suffer the torture of ment...
In this small articroll I pey homage too the humble speel chequer and how it hellps me so much wif my wok.
Having read the beautiful poem Autumn leaves by Songbird B the White haired one went into a reflective reverie. Seeing Autumn as the month of decay loaded with the promise of spring he posts his thoughts about his wonderful time of year
Out for a walk with my two Spaniels the peace is shattered and its time for the White Haired One to receive a lesson as usual on how to conduct himself courtesy of his canine friends Honey and Skipper.
With the Riots that took place in Britain during August 2011 it is easy to say it is a Country in crisis and it will never be the same again. Perhaps its not all bad news.
Within our society we use the word Hero very easily often talking about sportsmen and celebrities. But when watching a weekly motoring programme I witnessed a new definition of the term Hero's with the story of three recently injured and maimed Soldiers and their dream to build a raci...
When we are diagnosed with a serious Illness it is Human nature to be fearful and be filled with negative emotions. But you are a Human and you are special because you have a choice in how you perceive any situation. This is a little thank you letter to my own Diabetes and how our rel...
After the Blackbird flies west the White haired one was looking forward to many motorcycle tours. But the love faded and they went their seperate ways and this is their story.
Since the film The Bucket list there have been lots of to-do-before-you-die lists throughout the Net and media. This is White haired one's view on the subject.
The final part of our story sees the lads head home.
In part three our hero's start to make their way back Home
Our two intrepid travellers have reached Googan barra and start to explore
Two friends ,their motorcycles and a wish to visit a special place. Over four parts this is the Blackbird flies West.
In this article the White haired one talks about how to question and reason to uncover the truth that often lies buried beneath accepted knowledge
We continue with the theme of the Canine Teacher this time with the beautiful Honey a young Girl Cocker Spaniel would will teach us the Spaniel unconditional love technique.
We all think that wisdom must come from a Guru but if you take the time to look around you will see that our Teachers are everywhere, the Universe will provide.
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