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I am new to this but want to write. I like to make people laugh so I will try to write funny stuff.
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To all the fathers and sons this could be the last fathers day you will ever have.
I have had my share of volunteer work and let me tell you it is sometimes just as rewarding as a paid job.
My first business was and is selling Avon to anyone world wide. Writing is something I hoped would help as well, so I decided to incorperate the two.
My days are full from the time I get up til I go to bed.
My grandmother was not like any other I ever knew.
This story is about the love a husband has for his wife.
This is about 3 boys growing up into men and never forgetting each other.
The day my day and I skipped work and school to go fishing was great just the to of us alone on the lake.
Cheryel Hutton is an author of Shadows of evil, Keepers of legend,and The Ugly Truth.
Not all hospital stays are bad some can be funny as you will see here in this lite hearted story of a boy his dad and a coffee maker.
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