Sheri F. Harper

Sheri F. Harper
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Sheri is a freelance article writer, poet, and author of science fiction books. She worked 20 years in the Aviation Industry as a Systems Analyst / Data and Process Architect.
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A good guide to the varied sights to be seen in Madrid, Spain and around the countryside, focusing on trees, ruins, bridges,artwork--the ten best sights to see.
If you have problems with local wildlife invading your pool, you might want to add a mini pond that allows birds, butterflies, lizards, snakes and mammals take a drink of water and/or bathe, here’s how.
Employers know the technical requirements for a position, if they find specific matches on your curriculum vitae, your CV will make the interview pile, here’s how to do it.
Many visitors avoid traveling by car due to gas prices, but for those willing to accept the time and cost, there are a few good stops where they can get out and stretch their legs and find history, nature, and beauty--here's where to visit.
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