Jacuquelyn Gardner

Jacuquelyn Gardner
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51yr. woman from North Carolina.
Writing is my way of expression.
I write about anything that comes to my mind. I pour my heart in to my words, that allows for beautiful art.
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I love to write short or long ones, but I feel that if a poet can take five or more words and make them have a hidden meaning, then they are a pretty good poet. These poems that you are about to read do just that. They are fun and so may be touching. See if you can find the meaning in...
Being touched and enjoying Gods beauty in life, weather it's something bad that has happen to us or just to look around at this world and be able to see the beauty it holds. We are humans and we all make mistakes, but it is what we learn from them and the changes we make. Some never l...
sometimes we all need to laugh to get through hard times......"Wrong Room" is something to bring a smile... others are a wake-up call to ones heart......."Me and you Kiddo".... is a love between and parent and child." You made smile".....to a person who hasn't smiled. "Grapes"... the ...
This poem was written from a personal experience.My I lost after 6yrs. This was something I wasn't expecting and not sure how to handle the fact he was gone. I moved to key West to get away and to find myself again. One day I was out side standing the yard,I begin crying, asking why? ...
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