Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher
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I am a writer and a artist with my camera and I create original work of truth in the world I see. A lot of my stuff come through dreams and I catch them . The world is full of positive and negative.
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Recent pages by Dream Catcher

sometimes a heart bleeds of ink formed into pain of rain and dropped into writing
just asking a question or trying to understand a statement that someone has made.
Here you will read about someone that is one with a heart and being taken advantage of
Nature is going through a cleansing period as we all know it
you will now take that and put it in your drain
to the sound of the beat of the drum trees were crying
So if the world is in a shift I do hope some minds get shifted for the better..
imagination of dreams and visions and hope of true love.
Do not keep holding on of past times, because sometimes the stop the hands of time to move forward ..
This is about when you are down and you do not let the darkness get the best of you...
This one I think everyone here can relate to.. We just have to get our ink out..enjoy
There is someone for everyone it is just finding one another.
This is about people staying in a relationship when you know damn well there is no true love there.. Abuse comes in many forms from hitting with actions and hurting with words, People really need to realize that staying in a relationship for the kid is not the way to go.. And no child...
If you love someone and want to be with them,tell them because some day they will be gone.
this one is about two souls that can feel one another without actually being there with one another.
This one is about in order to find the right person you need to find someone that has been through quite the same as you so they truly understand
This one about a woman that is looking for true love and she imagined it in her mind.This one was written in 2010
This one is about a man that breaks a woman's heart on the night of a full moon
Be sure to click the arrow link there is a video included in this with me singing and playing the guitar.You can find it at the end of this page.This one is about when one that feels being stuck and if they do not move on they feel they will be dead.this was written in 2009..enjoy...
words are not words until action is followed in my eyes.
I believe even evil people have a purpose in life..
This one is about a man taking advantage of someone and giving them false hopes.
If we do not have some kind of dream there is no reality.
words of truth what goes on in most nursing home,
In truth how no one in this world should fly alone, for we should all have another wing to fly with.
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