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I wish I had written everything here but I am still a learner and still trying to explore myself. I love working with computers and currently I am software engineer and blogger ;)
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You are no stranger to these phenomena since you have gained cognition about world around you. Signs of awareness would have struck when you were in crib probably, or in the womb maybe. Naa! you were not that smart, so crib it is.
Many times, journey seems so gruelling that we start having second thoughts about plans that we had in the first place. Well, same goes about life. Due to several difficulties being imposed upon us, we found ourselves drifted miles away from our itinerary which after the arrival of so...
Once again I'll succumb to my whims, Once again I'll regret.
If having blueprints makes you think that you have a card up your sleeve then you are charlie indeed at least for the universe and it's arrangements. You don't need to have your head examined but you certainly got to treat these arrangements solemnly .
Is every breath of yours reminding you of being a hobo who'll waste one more tomorrow seeking job and refuge. Where will you go honey? What will you do?
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