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I am 23 years old and I've been writing to entirely half of my life. I am at my best when I am at my saddest. Writing is my only escape, my sweetest escape.
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Happy fathers day to the greatest foundation of every family--the dads! This writing is for you and of course, for my tatay.
Zoo is one of my favorite places. I find it so entertaining and educational. Please browse thru and see what a zoo in the Philippines looks like. :)
Her name is Annie and she’s special. I got the chance to know her some years ago when I did volunteer teaching in a slum area in the city. She was eight years old then. She is diagnosed with Autism.
These is the collation of my creative works- Costumes and Make ups. Enjoy :)
A poem I made out of my real name Ellen Austria :)
Have you ever dreamed of having something for so long, yet the moment you had it, someone has to take it? It may sound sad and unfortunate, but for my experience, it was all worth having it for just some seconds......
Just another poem by Elenor :) Hope you'll like it.
Talking about a right love at the wrong time. Reliving a sweet escape and being back to the bitter reality
Today is the 1st of June and it's my 23rd birthday.
A poem about unrequitted love, love that has been neglected, forgotten and left alone. Too sad? i was watching a KOrean novela in YouTUbe...THere was a part when the guy took his gf to fly a kite with him. While looking at the kite, I made the first part of the poem in my mind and ev...
A poem intended for girls who never stopped loving but will always find time to relive their young and unpainful dreams :)
A poem, once again :) As I have said earlier, old couples fascinates me. This one is inspired a former professor in UP Diliman, Mr. Amado Mateo aka LOLO MADS
This is where you will find serenity at its best. Anawangin Island, Zambales, Philippines
A poem about first love of a high school girl. Hope you can somehow still find your teenage love and relate to the story.
Learn how to breath fire the safe way. Read through :)
A poem of true love and the perfect epitome of til death do us part.
Basically the best description to ever depict me. I am a young writer, and writing is my sweet escape.
Old couple who explicitly shares their sweetness fascinates me. Hence, i wrote a poem about growing old together.
I am at my best writing mode when I am sad. You can evidently see it once you follow through my page.
How can you relate to an empty box of cornflakes and a broken heart? Please read through
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