Andrea L. Kassner

Andrea L. Kassner
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I was raised and educated in Spokane, Washington attending and graduating from Community Colleges of Spokane. My A.D. is Liberal Arts with English concentration.
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Becca undergoes a traumatic event in her life which is metaphorically compared to a train wreck and chemical exposure.
Personal experience and factual input from experts on chemically induced brain damage. This work includes my memories of the train wreck included with the science.
Twice the Tornado is a metaphor for the Twin Towers destruction; an event that shocked the world and changed American lives forever.
Real life adventures of city kids who live near a neighborhood park with a pond. The adventures involve pollywogs, bicycles, geese, and parents.
Sergeant Gabriel Horton leads a well-trained company of civil war soldiers through the mess and mires of battle. Horton, an unrecognized hero, suffers with his men over the heartlessness, pain, and torture of war.
A chemical train wreck happened on April 20, 1996. My observations and feelings are reflected in my words. The trainwreck's chemicals covered miles of Alberton, Montana and surrounding towns. However, my home was ground zero.
The short story relating the journey of a young man who is returning home after years in college; to his home in the wheatlands of the Palouse country of southeastern Washington state.
Personal viewpoints and observations about changes in our society in the last 50-60 years. I have experienced most of what I saw in the past either directly or indirectly.
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