Owen Layne

Owen Layne
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I'm a young author from Virginia who focuses a lot of my work on darker subjects. But in truth i am a caring and happy go lucky person who uses poetry as an outlet to stay that way
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Recent pages by Owen Layne

The 4th and final chapter of my epic about two men who became brothers of fortune and glory
The 3rd installment of my story about two warriors becoming brothers.
This piece is a story about the happenings before my earlier piece Severed Steel. Thanks to my follower S. C. Weeks for the request to do this
Some of my medieval work. got more where this came from if it's to the pleasure of my viewers
Some of my more spiritual work, got more like it if this appeals.
Well it's just about winter here in the big VA. So i wrote a poem about my thoughts about my favorite season of the year
What goes through a poets mind when they write? Truth be told most of the time even the poets don't know
When we look to a stormy sky we all feel different. Perhaps these clouds bring out what we even hide from ourselves. This poem is my take on staring into the storm
What happens when we stare at our own reflection for too long? What might we find in ourselves? This short poem explores that
What happens when we look into our reflections? What will we find? What will find us? This small poem explores that
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