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The one and only LOVERME
Thanks friends for reading me,
its natural VIRGINOUS poetry
that comes my way
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Difficult to has its own wide stride..We all must face realities of life...
What's your preference.Would you fall in love with a guy, as in this poem Or simply gulp, choke yourself and move on .
Life has a different meaning for each one of us. So as you compare your life with my poetry let me know the difference
Roses are not only fragrant lovely colourful but roses give off love and energy to just about anyone those who love and even those who hate Roses are just beautiful like me
Beautifully put across We are human and the only thing which is common.. is the aging effect with exception none... except by accident
True lovers endure pain...Around the Internet I have noticed today... all gals and guys rush fast away... I exhort them to stay read this all may
Meet me on the other side..In riddles she spoke.... a few hours as she really left for the other side.
Only a great writer can recognize the diamond poet Ma'am Carol is such a one .how I wish there were many more .I would have churned the world of poetry like a kalediascope.
Came to know that you made one Girl friend. A friend was pulling my leg.... I said save the third one... He laughed as you all are now
Science Soul and Emotion We are all along our lives in state of perpetual wonderment what is life emotion and its philosophy
Sweeter than honey- Stronger than a lion My Love is sweeter than honey and of course me
Dawn i s just symbolic of life.... In other words each day is a new life. Now interpret it in your own unique way as usual
Dream all Lovers and Friends...Life is nothing but a long dream as if on a stage we ll are dancing
Two veins poetry Totally diverse One goes many come they have yet to love
''GONE WITH THE WIND...''' When some one just wants to while in love then it's like.... ''GONE WITH THE WIND...'''
Greed is the biggest misery...This is the mainsaty of human weakness DISSATISFACTION GREED!!!!
Please O Poet Don’t Die.some say they will meet in heaven to satisfy their lust.....
Remember just one thing Should you forget every moment of my life I sacrificed for you,This theme is missing in modern lovers lives
As we walk over the bridge of Time...Never look back The bells shall chime and don't sulk without reason or rhyme
Life is like a train journey The whistle blows the train moves and then continues the darkness falls as a curtain then see what happens
We all are in some ways peculiar to us each one a sinner
River of Love .. All our lives we love some we hate.. few we misunderstand.. then life trudges a virtual song We don't know to whom we belong life long...
[i]THANK Q SIR THE POEM IS BASED ON AN OLD PICTURE I SAW IN YEARS A picture I saw decades ago about an ALZHEIMER guy and half spine lady.It brought tears then so I composed
These pictures are being specially posted as 0oetree of nature do enjoy it Its at the behest of so many Our trees here are so exotic believe me
Autumn came and went it was naturally stripped All snaps are by author
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