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The one and only LOVERME
Thanks friends for reading me,
its natural VIRGINOUS poetry
that comes my way
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WIKI’S LORDZ There Mi lord is always a rise and fall in all walks of life be it ‘’Actorial ‘’ or read on as you accept it also..add on
This is a sequel to a fellow writers well mind applied article..Hope you will make your own contributions also Now read on kindly please.....
COCK TAILS PART 11...It was half actual ...what was happening then I had had just 1/2 large Scotch...but in a find out more read on
Once a friend told me...Hi you are getting grey so early ..I was just maybe in my thirties here apply this cream See what happened to me....
Last night at a COCKTAILS PARTY she came out from the crowd unknown started fiddling with my tie..Who was she...
The freedom of sex HUMAN AND ANIMAL..Man and women ..and ..Pets was the implication..are all sexually equal ..Mi Lordz Thanks for your clarification Love pets homely ones and now read on
GOD created a man and for him a woman ...God was and is still the ONLY intelligent OMNIPOTENT OMNISCIENT OMNIPRESENT even in the darkness of nights
Yeah Mi Lordz I did wonder..where you'd lost in thunder ..forgot to give me the news ANOTHER HAPPY BIRTHDAY to LOVERME from all WIKIS
Oh! Someone Someone somewhere awaits for me behind the pillar of timestands someone some where Who.....anyones wild GUESS
The Only Spiritualist This is the best spiritual read...I have seen in living life, I always thought,...Spirits lived in heaven,
Rosy –me –Poetry A Special request sent to me...O poet lover you must be tell me how you feel..when no one reads thee!
My Lord...I don't seek for others to speak......have faith or not ..what is it to me I never invade in one's privacy..So you can safely read me Commenti f you please I will return the favour and know you also
Who is God...‘‘I told you Sir are brilliance ‘’ and so are you all READERS who see visions in my poetry Thanks all...even to the one who condemns
My Sinography...touching the rock bottom of the sea ...let me now see the bottom upwards kicks me, sine curve does die ..but the control within me does lie, (as in lay)
Just in a moment...our driver turned right ...a car following at jet speed...overtook him,.. next what happened read on
EUTHANASIA He sleeps now soundlessly silently, half breathing ...Relatives watch over him calmly ..having been given a verdict------ Euthanasia has been welcomed with passion
Never Love a S T R A N G E R - Many times while walking alone in the wilderness or the breezy sea shore you come across another lonely gal or guy ..then what may happen see
Why be shy Parents separate owing to a variety of reasons..Why leave indelible marks on a progeny's mind
Life's Challenges Feel the feelings of happiness in composing extraordinary sacrificial poetry
HELLO Friends of Loverme I spent almost half a day reading my vast collection and your comments Hence this poem Do join me I bow to all tee
Tranquil pen...Who can be fool enough to forget tranquil you, many times you have traversed my poetry ..I alone call verse ..A great poet returns to read my poetry on wiki I have been here for over 12 years I think
Loveliest folks have read me thanks To energize the human mind and keep it virile agile look at younger girls n guys
Submit To Love ...The world is running ...more after lust's time we raced towards love no not sex ...but love of mankind where we can look after the common interests
Belgrade guy one two or who Belgrade guy are you Tall beautiful and handsome he be The Belgrade guy
A relationship speaker speaks... I only intervene in order to be able to help teens....... young gals and guys.....But sad none listen till gals have insides burnt
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