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Clarence Schreiber
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I live in the Upper Midwest and I enjoy collecting sports cards, history to name a few. Some of the things that I like to write about varies bio on people, television stations, places and more.
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I started to volunteer at my local chuch in July of 2014 as part of the connection team and since then I also volunteer for the Mitchell Park Domes a few months ago. When I started for the Domes it was the time when I went on disability from my work due to my arthritis in both of my f...
Epikos Church is one church with three locations of the metro area of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The locations of the churches are one on the east side of Milwaukee, on the Northside of Milwaukee and the other in West Allis. It is the firsh church in the Milwaukee metro area which have a c...
For most of my life I have been taking the bus to take me and my wife places, like doctor appointments, going shopping, to church, and other places. By taking the bus has its advantages and disadvantages like driving a car has. These routes are some of my favorite routes that I enjoy ...
The Valley Fields is located in the Menomonee Valley in Milwaukee, Wisconsin at 1818 W. Canal Street which is located across the street from Potawatomi Hotel & Casino. The operator of the stadium is Marquette University. The stadium is a 1,600 seat open air field which is also used as...
Cermak Fresh Market is a Chicago based store with a store in Milwaukee suburb of West Milwaukee. This is a review of this store that is located on Miller Park Way just south of Greenfield Avenue.
With advancements of the smartphones a person can do a lot of things with them. I will try to show all of the different things that you are able to do with them besides talking to people and surfing the internet.
Over the years I have collected some interesting things. The things that I have collected are the things that I have enjoy collecting. This article will show some of the things that I have collected over the years. These are my personal hobby that I enjoy doing over the years.
If you are looking for a place to stay while you visit the Menomonee Valley, located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin there is a couple of hotels in the valley for you and family to checkout while you are here.
Mitchell Park is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This article will explain some of the history of the park and what the park has to offer.
These are some of the free weather apps that I have installed on my phone. Each one has a good feature that I like. There will be features that I like for each weather app that I have.
Three Bridges Park is located in the Menomonie Valley and it is part of the Hank Aaron State Trail. The park officially opened in July of 2013. This article will explain more about the park. I hope that you enjoy this article.
America's Test Kitchen is a television program that is shown on PBS across the United States. The program is also can be seen on PBS's sub station called Create TV. This list will give you more information America's Test Kitchen.
These are some of best radio apps for a smartphone. The following are the ones that use on my Android smartphone. I would think that the same apps would be available in an other markets like for iPhone.
With the Super Bowl coming up soon, this is article of things to watch and eat for the Super Bowl. The super Bowl is one of the most watched games and this is an article is what to expected to watch and do for the game.
This travel article brings out some of the most interesting attractions in the United States. I hope that you enjoy this article.
There is more to the Menomonee Valley (which is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin) then you think. Besides the fun things you can do there, like the entertainment and the restaurants that you are able to go to and to eat. Did you know that there are places there where you can shop as we...
If you are looking for a recipe for a more healthy eating, try this recipe a try. This is an excellent recipe and it tastes very delicious.
This article is a review of my writings in 2013 and my goals in what I hope to accomplish in 2014. This has been an interesting ride for me and I hope that it will increase in 2014 and beyond.
This is an article of what I have done since I have became a writer in July of 2011. It has been a very interesting few years for me. To me I have learned a lot of things with help from my friends and moderators to help me to become a better writer. My future is to become a freelance ...
When you visit the Menomonee Valley there is a lot of great places to eat while your enjoying your time in the valley. If you are ever in the area of the Menomonee Valley in Milwaukee try a few of these places to eat when you and your family gets hungry.
Great Lakes Distillery is a business that makes different kinds of spirits. The business is located in the Menomonee Valley area of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
If you are in the Milwaukee area and like to go to Potawatomi Bingo Casino to play there and if you are getting hungry you can go and try one of their great restaurants that they offer at the casino. There is a great variety of restaurants there.
Chicago is a one of the largest cities in the United States. Chicago is known to be as "The Windy City". Also most people knew about the "Great Chicago Fire" back in October of 1871. But now is city is rebuilt and prospering. Here are some of things that you find in the city of Chicag...
The Living Well Network (LWN) is a network that is on a digital sub channel that is shown around the country. The station shows a variety of different programming like travel, cooking, do it yourself and many more interesting types of shows. This a review of different types of program...
Finding your strong points in writing different types of articles will take time but know. Also we have our own type of writing style when we write our articles on different writing sites like wikinut. Here are some areas that are popular when I read other writers articles. Each of th...
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