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Beating not come from heaven, on the contrary, nothing good can result from violence, we know this, of course you know that..
Because today is the first day of work, I think it's imperative that before any report or excel meeting our imagination take flight five minutes to colorful destinations. Not to blow our head sadly
I have not got to test it, because I felt full of love today, but I'm sure it's cool. That's just cool to hate, right? Especially side by side with the people you love
it was a special moment of my own when I reset my thoughts, anger passed and I was quiet unexpectedly fast.
The most expensive house in the world dolls or about eccentricities unnecessary
So begins a bunch of our sentences. Although I spent much every visit regret that no more time for things. So I felt in visits to Livorno and Pistoia.  
When I received the invitation to go with some friends to ski - in Bansko, Bulgaria ... admit I was a little disappointed by the idea. Bulgaria ski? Why not Austria or Switzerland or France, or even Andorra?
Well, seeing so many times their eyes light of interest when I say as I like Romanian forests that are mysterious
My story and my confrontation, rather my baby with this bacterium happened a year ago, a little baby girl was born 3500 kg at 38 weeks, with 48 cm note 10 at birth, perfectly healthy.
Staphylococcus aureus is a bacterium hosted nostrils and / or intestine, the presence of the tegumene being transient. In the environment, recounted in:
Every time I see FB (where else) a fish in a bowl, I get angry little sweat less and less react.
After a while the whole house is to move about in our little bay and we move to some large green areas and sand. To this end, we've compiled a list of things needed for the child. We will leave probably the last time at sea with new clothes and a toothbrush in his pocket, because ther...
EYES love him as head and still give them risk their lives.
Some questions about vaccines, reflux baby, diversification, birth parent, receive (thank God) and some paint on hair, clothes, music and magazines or agency work. I can not respond at all.
EXAMINATION 13 BY 15 for recovering the license DRIVING
The water we drink and how important is the water drink?
I had four stitches on the outside, I have no idea how many inside vagina muscle and were sewn with yarn absorbable skin with normal threads. In my case, episiotomy was necessary, Ivan had not gone a thousand years if I do not cut.
Finally, get over it, it was all very warm, calm as I hoped.
No cold or flu is not treated with antibiotics. Are viral infection, antibiotics only affect bacterial infections.
Being a woman,wife, mother but also super-woman,life day by day
We had, for many years, a complex love-hate my country, just as fickle mistress's relationship with the day you're desperate and painful slap in the face to make it up the evening with warm
What do you mean depression after born and what that means?
Romania is situated in the South-Eastern part of Central Europe, between Eastern Europe and the Balkan Peninsula .
Is it true that diets rich in protein pounds melt faster than the rich in carbohydrates?
Bob rents an apartment in New York and goes to the lobby to put his name on the mailbox.
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